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Brandon Marshall, Matt Forte strongly back Lovie Smith

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Two of the Bears top playmakers insisted that they still believe in coach Lovie Smith.

"I've had different head coaches. But if it was up to me, I don't want another coach. I'd run through a brick wall for him, and that's the same way with every other guy in the locker room," Brandon Marshall said of Smith. "Amazing man, amazing coach. We just need to get some things together in certain areas." Lovie Smith Outside.jpg

Added running back Matt Forte, "I'd run through a steel wall for him.

"He's a great coach."

Marshall and Forte were keys for the an otherwise struggling Bears offense, one that has put Smith's job status in question. While he's fielded some excellent defenses, he's been unable to get a solid offense built, with a revolving door at offensive coordinator.

But Marshall doesn't want major changes, especially at quarterback.

"I'm at the point now, there aren't too many guys who understand my approach to the game. And he makes it easy for me to work," Marshall said of Jay Cutler. "We still have a lot to work on, but at the same time, I can't see myself with anyone else as a quarterback.

"When he retires, I will retire."

So what of offensive coordinator Mike Tice?

"You look at the numbers, and it's obvious I had a great year," Marshall said. "But at the end of the day, the numbers are useless because we're not in the playoffs. Offensively, we struggled throughout, so that's disappointing. That's on all of us. That's not just on the coaches, it's on the players. I'm a fan of Jeremy Bates and also coach Tice.

"Hopefully, we can get things together."

Asked if big changes are needed, Marshall said, "I'm not going to call anyone out.

"It's time for us to come together and have a good offseason."

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I think at this point it's obvious Lovie is coming everyone else I put this nonsense directly on the oline..those guys are completely soft and I think 4 of the 5 positions out to be replaced...the only one that played with any heart or toughness was Louis. FA left tackle (Albert or Long), 1st round Left Guard (Jon Cooper UNC), another high pick used on a guard/center so we can get false start garza out of there too. I think Tice should go too. He has had 3 years to fix this mess and its the same. Ok, Carimi getting hurt is not his fault..but picking the rest of these bums is. My only problem with letting him go is Cutler's development so I would prob let him stay one more year, tough call though on him.

#1 The Chicago Tribune is forcing people to register to read stories, like the Sun Times. This is a chance for the S.T. to get NEW READERSHIP by NOT FORCING PEOPLE TO REGISTER! I stopped reading the Tribune and if the S.T. wants me to register to read this blog I'll stop reading here too!

#2 Is it possible to convert physically gifted freak-of-nature Julius Peppers to Left Tackle since good LT's are SO HARD to come by? Isn't Jay Cutler's brain, body and our ability to score points worth it?

#3 People who doubt Cutler's ability are fools. He's ALREADY proved himself! In 2008 with the Denver Broncos Cutler had 4,526 passing yards, 25 passing touchdowns, 2 rushing touchdowns, 18 interceptions .His passing yards, completions and attempts were all single-season franchise records for the Broncos. He also had the most 300-yard passing games (8) in team history. In 2008, Jeremy Bates called the offensive plays for the Broncos. The Broncos had the NFL's second-most productive offense (1st in the AFC).

#4 Before Mike Martz was hired OC, they offered the job to Jeremy Bates and he turned it down! Jon Gruden would not be who you would want to hire for the Bears as a person as far as I've read, but Jeremy Bates WORKED UNDER GRUDEN!

I expected Bates and Tice to work together as a team but after Brandon Marshall said people might need to lose their jobs, various media reporters said Bates, Cutler, and Marshall did not get along with Tice. Also, most of the team said Matt Forte had changed once he got his money, he was acting like a Diva and was unhappy the Bears were using him less. Forte's inability to run up the middle may also have been what Marshall was referring to when saying people might need to lose their jobs. Funny how all of a sudden Forte did it in Detroit a couple of times!

#5 I expect Tice to be fired and Bates to take his place as O.C. Tice has FAILED to fix the O-line for several years now. He and whoever he hired to be the new O-line coach have FAILED miserably this year. We need to find and hire the best O-line coach in the country no matter what!

#6 Emery FAILED from the very beginning by OVERPAYING for Matt Forte. Forte should have been cut. Then Emery, Lovie Smith, AND Mike Tice FAILED by picking Shea McClellin as the #1 pick. It was Tice's JOB to convince Emery and Lovie just how BAD this O-line was, and MAKE SURE multiple picks, including the #1 should have been on the O-line. IF Tice REALLY KNEW what he was doing, there's NO WAY he'd stand for what happened!

Tice and Cutler too, should not have settled for just Brandon Marshall and Alshon Jeffery as all they could get. They needed to demand more.

#7 Some people say Cutler should give a hometown discount for his next contract. I think he should be paid the highest salary there is for the kind of garbage he has had to deal with since he's been on the Bears. This season alone he's had a concussion, bad neck, bad knee, etc. And I'm sure there's way more than that. He has to RUN FOR HIS LIFE every time he snaps the ball. And the Bears want to have him give them a discount!?!?!?

#8 People keep crying about the TE's. Until you FIX the O-line there is NO WAY you are going to use the TE's for anything else but to BLOCK PERIOD! END OF STORY!

#9 I think once we FIX the O-line, the Bears could be a Superbowl contender with Lovie Smith as H.C. since his Defense is somewhat good until it faces a team that's any good. If Jeremy Bates does well as O.C. he may be cheap and affordable (the Bears love that!) as Lovie's replacement. But if change has to be made, why not TRADE Lovie Smith to a team desperate enough who thinks his 10-6 record this year is worth some draft picks? Why just let him leave with nothing in return?

#10 If the Bears do not put a TREMENDOUS EFFORT into fixing the O-line this offseason, Cutler better not sign a long-term contract if he knows what's good for him. In reality, Emery and Smith are just following the Orders of the owners that only care about running the football and having a good Defense.( Time enough to pass??? What's THAT??? We already give you 2 seconds! )

Until Cutler sees the Bears value and respect the Offense as much as the Defense, he should understand he will NEVER reach his full potential here in Chicago. He'd get better health, more money, fame, glory and yes, multiple Superbowls,
somewhere else. For the Bears to do so would be asking them to change their way of doing things that has been in place for DECADES. Good luck with THAT!

You're dumb.

Sounds like cutlers agent

"I'd run through a steel wall for him.: -

Forget the steel walls...Maybe if you had run between the tackles better, Lovie would still have a job.

Questions4u makes solid points. I do not agree with all of them, but most of them are solid. I am now a Bates supporter for either offensive coordinater or head coach.I had not really thought about him in that framework before, but perhaps that kind of fairly radical approach is just what the Bears need.i hope mery reads these blogs.

Question4u, and Stu....... Recently I've discovered theres a stat refered to as good blocking percentage. Matt Forte's is 34%, that means 66% of the time there are no holes between the tackles or any where else, You couldn't squeeze a f--t past all those rear ends, The man has never played behind a good offensive line and i've never heard him complain about the job the o line does. But yet he has managed to give you no less than 1400 yards from scrimmage in each of his first five years in the league. Never mind that 3 of those years he's played with injuries. he's the only consistent blocker we have on offense, Cutler appreciates him I'm sure.If there's a more consistent player on offense over the last five years please help me to identify and show him our appreciation........................To bring good the blocking stat into perspective AP's is 54%,congrats vikes you value your talent enough to give him what it takes to be successful. Congrats Matt for having the heart to perservere...............Godspeed Lovie, you've represented Christianity well and a darn good coach too, maybe your next GM will give you the tools you need to be still and know that God will fight your battles....

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