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Bears QB Jay Cutler: 'I'm not 100 percent'

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Another week, another round of hits for Bears quarterback Jay Cutler to endure.

"Yeah, I'm not 100 percent -- I know that," Cutler said after the Green Bay Packers beat the banged-up Bears 21-13 at Soldier Field on Sunday. "No one is. We're just going to have to take it day by day."

Cutler had another forgettable performance against the Packers. He was 12-for-21 for 135 yards, a touchdown and an interception. He was sacked four times and pressured often.

At one point Sunday, it looked as if Jason Campbell was about to come in for the Bears. Cutler was on the sideline getting his neck examined by the trainers, while Campbell warmed up by playing catch.

Cutler suffered neck and knee injuries last week against the Minnesota Vikings and was limited in practice before playing the Packers.

"You know, I keep getting something in my neck," Cutler said Sunday. "I just told Jason Campbell to be ready, because I don't know what's going to happen."

That's because Cutler doesn't know what type of protection he'll get on any play or who even will be in there. James Brown, Gabe Carimi, Chris Spencer and Edwin Williams all saw time at guard against the Packers. Carimi also had snaps at right tackle with Jonathan Scott hindered by a hamstring injury.

"We gotta stick to it. We gotta keep powering it in there and let those guys figure it out," Cutler said. "I thought those guys played well. I thought they played really well.

"James Brown came in a little off-kilter early on, but I thought he settled down great and played well. Jonathan Scott has been playing great on the right side. Roberto Garza has been holding them down. So they're coming together, even though we are mixing and matching parts in there."

Asked about his knee injury, Cutler said "nothing is great." Cutler was mobile enough to escape some pressure and had a nine-yard run.

Cutler, who missed a game with a concussion this season, won't use his injury status as an excuse.

"The other guys are banged up too," said Cutler, who has been sacked 35 times this season. "It's not going to stop me from playing. So that's all we need to know, I think."

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Cutler threw the int that made the game 14 to 7 GB, he threw 2 ints vs vikings week before cost bears game , another 4 ints vs GB in their first meeting bears lost that one also. He has always preferred forcing ball vs throwing it away or taking a sack and bears will never win a ring with him. Like John Madden said turnovers are the only stat that matters

If va-jay-jay can't play @ 100%

he shouldn't collect PAY @ 100%

fair is fair!

Cutler can play better but you can't blame it all on 6. The offensive line is atrocious. They can't run block or pass block. When you can't run block we become one dimensional. So we pass, well the opposing defense knows we can't stop the blitz, so they blitz. Then Jay will run around and try to make a play only to have the WR or TE drop the ball. Last week Hester and Alshon BOTH dropped a TD throw! We need another Marshall or a great TE!

Also play calling, When we are at the goal line and we run it three times and Can't score - pathetic! Also how are the crucial penalties doing for us?

He is 100%. 100% bad! The Bears will never win anything with this pouty turnover machine at QB! Bring back Orton! CLEAN HOUSE!

Here come the Chicago quarterback haters. Maybe one day you people will realize that quarterback is only as good as the other ten players out there on the field with him. Linemen who do not protect passers, receivers who blow up routes or drop passes, and running backs who fail to block blitzers or faiil to help keep the other team off the field with good runs behind decent blockers, or who fumble at critical moments or cannot power a one-yard ru for a first down or touchdown, and tight ends who do not know what there jobs are on a given play all contribute. But Hey! It's all the quarterback's fault.
I hope the Orton comment was facetious, El Barto. Would you like the Bears to fight to get Tebow as well?

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