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Bears haven't beaten anybody, but they're not alone

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Bears vs. Andrew Luck.jpgLosses to the Texans (11-1), 49ers (8-3-1) and Seahawks (7-5) in the last month has added more legitimacy to a common criticism of the Bears -- they haven't beaten anybody.

After losing to the Seahawks in overtime at Soldier Field on Sunday, the Bears are 1-4 against teams that currently have winning records. The only victory is against the Indianapolis Colts (8-4) in the season opener at Soldier Field.

Even that is a somewhat dubious achievement. Andrew Luck was making his NFL debut in that game, was playing on the road and threw three interceptions. The Colts have won seven of their last nine games. The Bears have lost three of their last four. It's looking more like they caught the Colts at the right time, just as they caught the Falcons at the right time in last season's opener.

Be that as it may, has anybody beaten anybody in the NFL this season? After 12 games, only eight teams have won eight or more games. The Falcons, who have the best record in the NFC (11-1) have only played one team with a winning record all season. They beat the Broncos 27-21 at home in Week 2.

Like the Bears vs. the Colts, the Falcons appear to have benefitted from playing the Broncos at the right time. Denver (9-3), still adjusting to a Peyton Manning-led offense, has won seven straight and Manning is challenging for league MVP honors.

So who has played anybody? Here are the records of the NFL's 32 teams against teams that currently have winning records:

Texans (3-1)

49ers (3-1)

Seahawks (3-1)

Steelers (3-2)

Ravens (3-2)

Patriots (2-2)

Giants (2-2)

Eagles (2-2)

Rams (2-3-1)

Broncos (2-3)

Cardinals (2-3)

Packers (2-4)

Rams (2-3-1)

Browns (2-5)

Falcons (1-0)

Colts (1-2)

Bengals (1-3)

Saints (1-4)

Bears (1-4)

Vikings (1-4)

Raiders (1-4)

Titans (1-5)

Cowboys (1-5)

Lions (1-5)

Jets (1-6)

Jaguars (1-6)

Bills (0-5)

Panthers (0-5)

Chiefs (0-5)

Chargers (0-5)

Redskins (0-4)

Buccaneers (0-3)

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Thank you. Thats all I've been hearing all year about the Bears. As far as the Falcons, didn't realize that. I can make up excuses for all of the Bears losses vs winning teams, vs the Texans Chicago only had their starting QB for one half and didn't have him at all vs the 49ers on the road, as far as Seattle, like I've been saying all week, had Major Wright held onto that late game interception the Bears win. As far as the Green Bay game, I'll get back to you on that one in a couple weeks.

Heres another quick fact, when people say your team hasn't played anybody their forgetting one simple fact, the reason a team (like the Bears) seem to play a lot of other teams that aren't as good is because THEY are better than a lot of teams....think about it, GO BEARS!!

Well, while it makes the Packers and the Broncos look like pretenders perhaps, looking at this breakdown does validate the fact that the Texans, Niners and Seahawks seem to be for real. And it still does call into question the Bears ability to win in the playoffs against teams with winning records. Unless they beat the Pack in a couple of weeks, I remain dubious.


You need to forward this blog to Don Banks of, he just spent a few pages discussing the BEARS weak schedule (his point of view) to disparage the team again. He does this every chance he can get, and he is clearly a slackers fan, you play who is on your schedule if you beat the teams you should beat, and split the tough games you have a change for the playoffs. If BEARS do that and beat the vikings and slackers then they will be close to .500 against teams with a winning record. All I care is that they win and get there, then I'll take our chances against whoever we play in the post season. I just want to be in the post season. Go BEARS

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