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Vikings DE Jared Allen fined $21,000 for hit on Lance Louis

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Minnesota Vikings defensive end Jared Allen was fined $21,000 for his blindside hit of Bears guard Lance Louis, according to a league source.

Louis tore his left ACL, and he was placed on injured reserve Monday. The Bears on Tuesday signed former Pro Bowl center Andre Gurode for depth.

On the opening drive of the third quarter of Sunday's 28-10 Bears victory, quarterback Jay Cutler was off mark on a pass to open receiver Brandon Marshall, who tipped the ball into the air. Vikings cornerback Antoine Winfield intercepted it and sprinted down the left sideline. Jared Allen2.jpg

Louis was turning toward Winfield, who passed him, and he was blindsided by Allen, who was trying to make a block. As he crumbled to the ground, Louis' left leg appeared to get caught up in the turf.

"I thought it was a legal hit. He's running to make a tackle, so I just made a block," Allen said. "I turned around, he was trying to make a tackle, and I threw myself into him. Just trying to make a block, just like we're taught.

"I'm never trying to hurt anybody. I'm trying to make a block and spring our guy. It's unfortunate."

Louis has started all 11 games this season, and he started 13 of the 14 he played in 2011. A seventh-round pick 2009, Louis is a converted tight end who has emerged as arguably the team's best offensive lineman.

The website Pro Football Focus has him rated as the team's best lineman, giving up two sacks, two hits and seven hurries. By contrast, right tackle Gabe Carimi has given up seven sacks, nine hits and 28 hurries.

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Bull shit fine Allen ending a man season 21k is not a enough over 50k maybe still not enough

"Just trying to make a block, just like we're taught."

No one is taught to leave their feet to block a guy with a shot to his head.

Allen is a scumbag with a track record of dirty play.

He needs to be expelled from a couple of games serious facew

The guy is just playing football.. Pretty soon the nfl will look like beach volley ball!!

I'm a Bears fan and hate to see anyone hurt, but it was a clean hit. A hard hit, but clean. Lance was keying on the guy returning the ball and wasn't paying attention to where he was running, which is a sure way to get knocked on your can. Allen didn't go low or anything like that.

I was at game. It was a total cheap shot and the fine does not match the crime.

If you want to cry about that hit, maybe the WNBA is more your speed.

A very ignorant statement with no valid proof.

Clean hit

i would like to have seen a heavier fine and a suspension, but Allen is not generally a cheap-shot player, which possibly worked in his favor for the modest nature of the penalty. Suh would probably have been nailed big time- although he did not suffer much for the groin kick. Judging these hits regarding intent is no doubt a difficult task even with good film view. I watched the Allen hit numerous times on film and could see why the hit could be viewed as meriting a fine without a suspension.

Allen should be made to sit out of every game until Louis can play. Dirty punk is gonna get his in 2 weeks!


This may turn out to be a big gain for the Bears. Carimi could be the Bears future LG. If not for this injury it may have been a long time before the Bears tried him at guard.

People want to question weather he can play guard, they say he is too tall, and some other lame excuses. But take a look at Alex Boone. Another former big 10 LT who came from a run based offense. Boone was considered a 1st round pick until off field concers dropped him out of the draft. He got his act together and is now one of the best guards in football. Boone and Carimi are practically clones of eachother. Neither were great pass blockers in college, both were known for their run blocking.

They have near identical play styles, neither has the feet to be on an island but put them in a booth and they can pass block the slower DT's. Carimi may struggle in pass pro on the edge but he is far and away the best run blocker on the team. Put him in a booth against slower players and watch his pass pro suddenly improve. It will take him time to learn the position, but give him some time and I think RG will be his natural position, he's a natural run blocker, who struggles in space against speed. Slow things down and move him inside.

Don't know why Tice didn't mention Boone, Gallery? He just watched Boone steam roll the Bears defense. Give him some time and the heavy footed Carimi who is built like a tall guard rather than a tackle should be playing at a pro bowl level by next season. Play him at either LG or RG he should be fine for the future. Does not fix the tackle problem the Bears have but the interior is nearly as bad as the edge, any improvment is a plus.

You're a fan of whom? It was a blindside, helemet to helmet, forearm to necj, laucnhed hit, and RESULTED in Lace Louis ot for the season. THE NFL EVEN FINED HIM! Ask Matt Schaub and Aaron Dodgers how clean Allen is. You're a fan of whom?

I will take that bet of playing at a pro bowl caliber player by next season. Seriously? To be a guard you have to be a mauler. Carimi is not one of those. He thinks a weight room is the lobby of a doctors office. Louis was the best O-lineman they had. And speaking of weight rooms, do the Bears use theirs? I can almost live with a guy beating someone much larger than them with some type of speed technique, but when a guy 50-70# less bull rushes a 330# tackle and pushes him 7 yards backwards, something is wrong with that persons strength routine.

As for the hit itselt, it was a dirty hit. blindside hits are fine. I remember Urlacher doing it to either a packer or viking O-lineman a few years ago. I think it was packer after a Favre interception. He never left his feet, but laid the guy out. Allen's hit was as he was leaving his feet. And the hypocrisy of the hit is that not 3 weeks ago during the Lions/Vikings game Allen was hit by #71 of the Lions as he was down, bloodied his nose and Allen was running around like he had his lunch money stolen. his fine should have been 1 weeks pay.

29 reps of 225 with long arms says Carimi has actually been in the weight room. It's a little less than Boone did but still considered good. Carimi is also ranked as one of the best run blocking tackles in the league, his problem has been pass pro and penalties, you lose a lot of those problems just by moving inside. But not a mauler in the run game? Really?

Considering it was his first start at guard ever today I thought he played pretty well. Pass pro held, there was little inside pressure and opened some pretty good holes inside. If they leave him at guard he will play like a top 10 guard by next season. Carimi is rated number 1 in league among all RT's with a 12.6 run blocking grade, third overall. Boone the former big 10 LT is rated with a positive 14.3. In 186 snaps at Tackle Boone only posted a positive grade of 2.7 in run blocking. Boone is a mediocre pass blocker at guard having a overall negative grade but it's -0.9. Guards run block for the most part and Carimi can run block weather you like it or not. He can't pass block for a tackle, but he will not be kick sliding or chasing 250 pound speed rushers lined up in wide 9.

He had a solid game for the most part today, give him some time to adjust to the position, throw in a training camp and let him use his run blocking and yeah he should be in the top 10. I can't speak for injuries or anything of that nature but nobody can. I also think he should be moved to the left side, it's just a better fit for him.

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