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Tim Dobbins fined $30,000 for hit on Jay Cutler

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An NFL spokesman confirmed that Houston Texans linebacker Tim Dobbins was fined $30,000 Wednesday for his helmet-to-helmet hit on Bears quarterback Jay Cutler on Sunday night. ESPN's Adam Schefter was the first to report Dobbins' fine.

Cutler remained in the game after Dobbins' hit, which occurred late in the second quarter, but did not return for the second half. The Bears believe Cutler suffered his concussion on the hit.

Cutler has not officially been ruled out for the Bears' matchup against the San Francisco 49ers on Monday. Coach Lovie Smith said Wednesday at Halas Hall that Cutler was feeling better, but still being evaluated.

Smith, though, wouldn't say what Cutler, who has had multiple concussions, is currently able to handle. The Bears didn't practice on Wednesday.

"Jay is getting better -- that's all I can say right now," Smith said. "I'm not going to go into each step he's taking. I think you can understand why.

"We'll be back on the practice field [Thursday]. We can give you a little bit better ideal of where he is then. As much as anything, without going on the practice field, he's getting better -- like all of our guys are."

The Bears re-signed Josh McCown to back up Jason Campbell, who took over for Cutler in the second half against the Texans.

"We'll see [about my role]," McCown said Wednesday. "It's obviously all based off Jay's health. I'll just get ready as usual and see what happens."

Dobbins said Sunday night that he felt Cutler ran into him, although replays clearly showed otherwise.

"I just felt like he was going to take off running with the ball and I thought he was past the line," Dobbins said. "I did not hit him in his head. ... And actually, he did. He ran into me! How about that?"

Dobbins also didn't like that he was penalized for the hit.

"I thought it was a bad flag because I really didn't even hit him," he said, "nor did I lead with my head."

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Some folks (not me) think Dobbins should get a medal instead of a fine

Well, the game just became dirty and their instinct become wild. But still, that's the price he had to pay.

I see Dobbins is still delusional. Perhaps he should be tested for a concussion. I'm glad he was fined and think he should alspo be suispended. I'm not sure how hard $30,000 hits his pocketbook, but that would be about a year's pay for most of us.

Good hit! He tried to cross the line! He got what he deserve next time slide! Bulls on Parade. Jaguars you're next!

This is the whole problem not being taken seriously. What should have happened Sunday night? First of all the game should have come to a screeching halt and Jay should have been evaluated and the tape should have been reviewed right there on the spot. It is obvious Dobbins sees Cutler complete his throw motion and THEN he gets the green light to light Jay up. So you have a late hit on top of an improper hit. He should have been immediately ejected from the game and suspended for the year. It's things like this that perpetuate the violence. I guess the sports world didn't learn anything from Joe Paterno. If an injustice is being perpetrated it is the job of the observer to stop it or it will continue.

Cutler tried to stop. He knew he was near the Line of Scrimmage. You have that play confused with another rushing play. Either way, Cutler obviously tried to throw, well before Dobbins was in the picture, and Dobbins did NOT try to block the throw nor' did he TRY to TACKLE! He flat-out HIT Cutler with a brutal head leading slam, and he didn't even try to tackle Cutler with his arms.

This is TACKLE football, not Impact football! Maybe you would like your QB Schaub (or whomever your team is) get smacked like that. Better yet, how about an OL-man roll up on Dobbins and rip his ACL/MCL for good measure. Wake up and smell some reality ....fool!

Ya let's hold up the game even longer. Jay screamed like a little girl when he got hit. Your a douche

Lol y'all are little girls, this is football he clearly crossed the line so he deserved the
hit. It's unfortunate that he got a concussion but that's the way it is so y'all shut the f*** up with Tim needs to be suspended.

Stupid fine. Cutter clearly near line of scrimmage and did actually run into the Texan player. NFL seems to go on a witch hunt every time some QB gets hit and hurts his vagina.

Stupid fine. Cutter clearly near line of scrimmage and did actually run into the Texan player. NFL seems to go on a witch hunt every time some QB gets hit and hurts his vagina.

You should change your name to no clue or Dobbins is a moron. There are tons of illegal hits in the nfl and it's been that way for a long time. The Crack Back, the Chop, helmet to helmet, defensless player, late hit. He new the rules and broke them. The line of scrimage has nothing to do with any of it. Believe it or not you can hit a QB behind the line. In fact that is where the stat QB hits comes from.

Do you follow the nfl or football in general? It was an illegal hit because it was helmet to helmet. He deserved a fine and he got a fine. If you don't understand the rules you should probably stop watching as it will only confuse you more. Upright player, helmet to helmet, illegal. It's pretty simple. Qucik Joke how many Texan fans does it take to tie a shoe? Answer; None, they couldn't figure out laces that's why they wear cowboy boots. Yes thick leather high boots in place that is constantly hot and dry. No wonder you're so angry, your feet must be in agony all the time.

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