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Matt Forte suffers ankle injury vs. the Vikings

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forte22.jpgThe injuries just keep mounting for the Bears.

With Lance Louis (knee) and Devin Hester (concussion) already ruled out with injuries, running back Matt Forte suffered an ankle injury in the third quarter against the Minnesota Vikings.

Officially, Forte was listed as questionable. But when the fourth quarter started, Forte was not on the Bears' sideline.

Forte was hurt on a three-yard run at 6:39 in the third quarter. He fumbled the ball on the play and Vikings safety Mistral Raymond returned it 52 yards for a touchdown. But the play was reviewed and overturned as replays showed Forte's knee was down.

Forte had 14 carries for 42 yards against the Vikings before being listed as questionable. Veteran Michael Bush had two short touchdowns runs prior to Forte's injury, but received more carries with Forte out. Third-string running back Armando Allen also played for the Bears.

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On the NFL website, the Giants are listed ahead of the Bears in the NFC Standings, even tough the Bears have a better record. What gives?

Hopefully Matt Forte won't be down for long, Chicago is going to need both him and right guard Lance Louis sunday vs the Seahawks. Forte did walk off the field, thats a good sign. So maybe?

As far as Lance Louis, if he's down for an extended amount of time its going to be a major blow for a line thats already having a hard time this year. It might just be a sprain. When I seen Jarred Allen blind side him I figured Louis suffered a concussion? But then I seen the doctors looking at his knee. Either way, not good. Louis was easily the Bears best lineman, hopefully he's back sooner rather than later. I actually thought Gabe Carimi did a pretty solid job filling in, especially with the fact he doesn't have much experience inside.

Good win, the defense looked back in sync with the pick by free safety Chris Conte and the forced fumble by Nick Roach. Another sack for my boy Henry Melton who is probably Pro Bowl bound. Cutler looked great, I loved the attitude he brought out there, good win now GO BEARS!!

Unfortunately, this game changes nothing. Yeah, the Bears are back in first place and might even stay there. But there's no way they win a playoff game with this offensive line. Even though Cutler was only sacked once, the Bears ran max protect just about every pass play. Can't do that against a playoff defense, no one will ever be open.

Seems like once these guys get the big contract, they stop playing well. Hope that's not the case with Forte, but we've sure seen this sort of thing before.

I have to disagree, WFB. The Bears can do better if they make the play-offs than you think. Their offense does not have to score thirty points because their defense can at least partially carry them. The substitute linemen did okay yesterday, and perhaps some moves can be made to pick up a player or two. In addition, play-calling recognizing the need for protecting the passer by roll-outs, short routes, etc. can help to offset O-line weaknesses, as it did yesterday.

You might be right about not having to score a lot of points, depending on whom they play. But the games v. Green Bay, Houston, and San Francisco are what the Bear offense will look like in the playoffs, because those are the quality of teams they'll be playing. (Green Bay has had a lot of injuries since the Bear game, especially on defense, and might not make the playoffs because of that.) The Bears will not be playing teams like Minnesota, so it won't matter that they can beat them easily. Because of their line, the Bear offense will be crushed by a playoff-caliber defense.

WFB, I guess we'll see who is right fairly quickly, as there are not all that many games left.

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