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Matt Forte re-sprains right ankle but not expected to miss Seahawks game

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Bears Pro Bowl running Matt Forte re-injured the right ankle that sidelined him for a game earlier this season but there is optimism he will play Sunday against the Seattle Seahawks, according to a league source.

The injury in Sunday's 28-10 victory over the Minnesota Vikings wasn't as severe as the initial injury against the Green Bay Packers in Week 2. Forte, though, missed the next game against the St. Louis Rams, which was 10 days later. Matt Forte1.jpg

Forte may be rested or very limited in practice this week but there is hope that he will play against the Seahawks. The game against the 6-5 Seahawks is important for playoff positioning and the fact that it's one of the Bears final two regular season home games. The Bears finish the regular season with three out of four games on the road.

On Sunday, Forte was injured on a three-yard run midway through the third quarter. Forte had 14 carries for 42 yards until then, and he walked off the field and toward the team's locker room under his own power.

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Good news that Forte is able to play Sunday. I think his catchimg passes will be a key element in the offensive plan. Screen plays and short crossing routes can work well against the Seahawks and can afford the offensive line a batter chance of protecting Cutler. I really liked seeing the short-passing game against Minnesota. Getting Bennet and the tight ends into the routes also opened up things for Marshalll. Perhaps that indicate that Tice saw the light and that his play-calling will be better by far than it has been. Now if he could only make up his mind quicker and get the plays in fast enough to not cause delays of game penalties, Cutler would not have to tie his linemen's shoes to hurry things up.

Paul have you seen the Seattle defense this season? Their looking tough and I doubt they will have too much trouble stopping a one dimensional short to intermeditae passing game. Not that I'm saying the Bears ofeense will fail I'm just saying they won't have it as easy as they did against Minenssota now that theirs film.

By the way I still would rather see Bush start in place of Forte. Too much of a me layer in my opinion and he dances in the backfield way too much. Thats why Bush gets the nod wehn they need those tough short yardage yards.

By the way spealing of Bush I found a video I made before the season on talking about the Bears getting Bush. I don't make these videos to often but I want to know from you Bears fans what you think. I give stats, analisis, prediciteions the hole package baby. So what do you guys think should I make more like these?

Creighton, I thought your video was pretty good. I would encourage you to make more. Haven't seen you posting too much, always look forward tou your take. Hope all is well. What do you think of Gourade pick up and maybe the bears getting Babin?

1. There's no guarantee that Forte will play. Lovie may decide to preserve Forte for the divisional games.

2. Michael Bush is nowhere close to the dynamic Forte when it comes to sheer football talent.

3. Screen passes and crossing routes are an under-utilized dimension that Mike Tice needs to explore more often. Even more so in this game, where the tough, physical corners of Seattle match up well against even the "great" Brandon Marshall.

4. As usual, this game will come down to how well the Bears play defense and force turnovers.

Creighton, my thoughts are you should step away from the computer and go outside and exercise. Oh and order only salads now for as long as you live.

Michael Bush can be a terror if he gets good blocking, which the Bear line is incapable of. He weights 245 lbs., is very fast for his size, and will run over people once he gets a head of steam. The problem is that the Bear line is so bad he rarely gets out of the backfield before getting hit. He can't make the cuts Forte does nor is he as dynamic, but just about any team would be happy to have him.

RunBadger, great comments about Lovie smith(which has been a really good coach for the bears), matt forte (who is now an under utilized part of the offense) ,and mike tice. anyone with good enough blocking can be made to seem like a good running back. michael bush is a bruiser who is most efficient around the goal line. Forte has the real talent to go inbetween the tackles, or even outside and get yardage. the problem is the offensive line, the last few games forte has done next to nothing on the ground. once again this off season they need to work on that with trades or in the draft. another things is that we need to bring some youth into our linebacking core. briggs and urlacher are getting real old; they are still playing extrememy well but they need to start the process of grooming some players to one years soon take their place.

You should make more video, but I'm not sure what the "hole package" is. That sounds dirty.

i did not watch the video yet, Creighton, but I have seen a couple of Seahawk games. Yes, they can be really nasty, as evidenced in the game with the packers., but I still think screens will work. The receivers can get open because of the pass rush. The problem is the Seahawks' ability to knock down passes in the backfield.
Regarding Bush over Forte, I cannot agree. Forte can be a terrific player when he is having the opportunities. He can evade tackles and outrun tacklers better than Bush. Bush is a power back . Yes, he has some speed, but I really do not think he is all that good in the open field or receiving passes.

To Tre... Dude really ? Are the attacks necessary? At least the kid is trying to do something .. What value is your clown self adding ? My thought is that you should get a life instead of trying to crack on others...oh ya you don't have a life so you do crack on others..moron!

Creighton, You are a better writer than speaker; too many "uh"s when you are thinking. Your obsevations are salient enough, but the delivery needs work. Keep trying though, because obviously most of us are better writers than speakers unless we have a lot of practice.

Creighton, I was a radio broadcaster and news writer for 8-years - also producing and covering my local division II college football team.

Very few people have a natural broadcast talent - and I'm not talking about the teleprompter piggies

Howard Stern, one of the greatest ever, had to practice incessantly at learning to become naturally "natural" behind the mic.

Give it time - and effort. You'll get it.

Also, work on your grammar and spelling. "The hole package" should only ever appear in a sentence for my twisted amusement.

Good luck, bro.


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