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Marshall: 'We're not going to look like the Patriots'

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Marshall-Cutler.jpgOn Monday, Bears coach Lovie Smith raised expectations that the Bears' offense might emerge from the shadow of his team's record-setting defense. But both Jay Cutler and Brandon Marshall said we shouldn't expect too much too soon.

The Bears are third in the NFL in points per game (29.5) behind the Patriots (32.8) and Texans (29.6). But they're 13th in points scored by the offense (22.6). They're 25th in total yards.

The defense is second in points allowed (13.0) behind the 49ers (12.0). But they've also scored seven touchdowns that have produced 48 points for a net of 56 points allowed, 7.0 per game. That's unheard of in the NFL.

On his weekly radio show, Cutler challenged the defense to ''step it up.'' But he was obviously talking about small steps rather than the giant leaps Bears fans are dreaming of.

''We're not going to catch the defense this year. It's not going to happen,'' Cutler said resolutely Wednesday at Halas Hall. ''We're eight, nine years behind those guys. They've been in the same system a long time. We've just got to focus on ourselves. Every guy has just got to get a little bit better each week, everyday at practice. If we get a little bit better by the end of the season, we'll be better.''

Marshall also did not want to get too far ahead of himself.

''I think you guys have to understand [that] we're not going to look like the New England Patriots [or] the New Orleans Saints' offense,'' Marshall said. ''We're the Chicago Bears offense.

''We scored 37 points last week. We have great receivers. We have one of the best running backs. We have one of the best quarterbacks., one of the best closers in the game. We have passionate coaches. We are the Chicago Bears. And that's how we're going to win games. It's not going to look like New Orleans or Green Bay, New England Patriots, Denver Broncos. We're going to do it our way.''

Though the Bears' offense produced 37 points in the 51-20 victory over the
Tennessee Titans last week, 30 of them were scored after the defense and special teams had done most the work in building a 21-2 lead in the first quarter. In its first 11 plays of the game, the Bears gained 29 yards and had one sack, three penalties and gave up a safety.

Marshall said the offense is getting better with experience and he expects it to show improvement. The question -- particularly pertinent with the Bears facing the Texans and 49ers in there next two games -- is, when?

"I'm thinking 2015,'' Marshall said with a grin. ''We have goals. We want to win now. We're doing a good job of it. Will we be a No. 1 offense this year? I don't know. It doesn't look like it, but what we're doing is effective. We just have to be a little bit more productive and start a little bit faster.''

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The Chicago Bears 2012 defense so far this season has been nothing short of amazing. Why? Having superstars like Brain Urlacher, Lance Briggs, Charles Tillman, and Julius Peppers doesn't hurt, but I think the key is what Cutler and Marshall both pointed out, continuity in the scheme. The Bears have been running the same cover-2 scheme since 2004, thats 9 seasons. Most of these guys could play in this defense in blind folds. I love the scheme because its nothing exotic, no blitz happy stuff much like a Pittsburgh D. Basically, the Bears show up, offenses know what they're going against, and the Bears continue to beat the guy in front of them, its that simple, awesome.

As for the offense, they should improve, especially when rookie Alshon Jeffery returns. More time in Tice's scheme and you should see a better product on the field. I'd also like to see Matt Forte get 20-25 carries a game instead of his usual 10-15, the guy is close to breaking a 200 yard game if he could only get some touches, Tice, you keep talking about it, do it, feed Forte the ball. I'm telling ya, Forte has been getting 90-100 yards with around an average of 14-17 carries, think what he could do with 20-25? Think what it could do for Marshall and the play action! Just an opinion now GO BEARS!!

I'd settle for f-- ing average. Please.

atleast Cutler can admit he isn't even close not is the entire O with a choker scab like him as a QB being elite

This offense is never going to be good until and unless it gets good offensive linemen. If it doesn't I'd settle for average, like Kirk says. If the Bears don't win the Super Bowl this season, the offensive line will be the reason. This team has everything else, but the line is the foundation of the offense, along with the quarterback. Without a good foundation the whole thing falls apart. I hope this doesn't happen against Houston or San Francisco, but against those defensive lines I'm pretty worried. Green Bay's defensive line took the Bears' offensive line apart, and Houston and SF have a lot better defensive lines than Green Bay.

Such comments as those by Rick are not really worth a response, but one wonders what he wants a quarterback to do. Obviously, wins versus losses does not matter to him, so what does?

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