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Lovie Smith says Bears still evaluating Jay Cutler after concussion

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The Bears didn't have a practice today, since they play next Monday night, but quarterback Jay Cutler has started the process of getting medical clearance to return to the field.

When that is, however, isn't clear.

"[Jay Cutler] is getting better. We're still evaluating him, he's meeting with people, medical staff, our trainers and all of that, but he's getting better," Bears coach Lovie Smith said. "We do have a little bit more time and that's always good."

Asked if the fact that Cutler has had multiple concussions -- his last documented was in 2010 -- affected the evaluation process, Smith said, "I can't really get into all that.

"When a guy has a concussion, whether it's the first or whatever, it's a concern for you. We will do everything thing possible to get him back but it'll all take care of itself, whether it's two or whatever. He's not going to go back practicing until he's completely well and ready to go. He won't play until there's no issues with that."

Later, Smith noted that "every case is different." Cutler Down.jpg

"Jay's feeling a whole lot better," Smith said. "It'll all play out."

Smith, though, suggested that the heightened attention on concussions won't really change the Bears approach.

"I just think in the past, if he had some type of symptoms, you took a guy out of a game. So I don't see it affecting an awful lot," he said. "Now people are really on top of concussions a lot more and we probably redefine what a concussion is. A lot of those things have happened but I don't think so."

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I gotta feeling Jay Cutler isn't gonna play monday night, for the Bears playoff chances, thats a bad thing, for Jay Cutler career wise, it might be a good thing. Cutler has 2 documented conconcussions, when you start talking about 3-4 documented, thats career ending, remember Troy Aikman and Steve Young.

Couple things have to change, first, Cutler needs to learn how to slide, and not head first. Second, left tackle needs to be priority #1 heading into the off-season, not saying J'Marcus Webb should take all the blame for the hits Cutler has taken over the past couple seasons, just most of the blame. The fact is, the left tackle is the QB's blind side protector and the left tackle faces opposing teams best pass rushers, Webb simply isn't up to task. This max protection Chicago has to go into to help Webb is holding Chicago's offense back, max protection protects the QB, but also only gives the QB one option to throw to, that just isn't gonna cut it. A decent left tackle that could actually sustain a block would do so much for the Bears offense, and maybe give Cutler a couple more seasons in the league? Just an opinion now GO BEARS!!

I cannot see why the Bears' Offensive line fails to protect Cutler. Other teams start out failing to protest the quarterback but make successful adjustments. Are the Bears suffering such a dearth of talent that they cannot do the same? Perhaps the emphasis on blocking for the ru is a factor, but the Bear coaching staff should know by this time that the season depends on keeping Cutler healthy and should act accordingly. Certainly a running game helps, but the lack of a passing game due to protection break-downs hurts a whole lot more.

it loo0ks like Cutler will not play on Monday, and I think that's good. Let's get him totally healthy before having to face a defense like San Francisco's. Campbell needs some game time to get in tune with things, and even a loss to the 49ers is not as important as Division games coming up repeatedly in the next few weeks.The odds of winning are greatly enhanced with a healthy cutler in those games.

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