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Bears QB Jay Cutler wants blame for Lance Louis' injury

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Bears guard Lance Louis would not have been injured if quarterback Jay Cutler completes his pass to receiver Brandon Marshall. And Cutler knows it.

"I feel bad about the Lance Louis injury, place that one on me," Cutler said Monday during the opening of his radio show on WMVP-AM (1000) with ESPN's "Waddle & Silvy."

On a play-action play, Cutler overthrew an open Marshall over the middle in the third quarter. The ball went off of Marshall's fingers and was intercepted by Vikings cornerback Antoine Winfield.

But with that said, Cutler isn't to blame for defensive end Jared Allen's leaping hit on an unsuspecting Louis during Winfield's return. Bears coach Lovie Smith and defensive end Israel Idonije both said the hit was unnecessary. Smith and Cutler also said they expect the NFL to fine Allen for it.

Louis was placed on injured reserve Monday after undergoing an MRI. A league source told the Sun-Times that Louis suffered a torn left ACL.

Louis has been the Bears' most consistent offensive lineman this season. Before the Vikings game, Marshall praised him for his tenacity.

Cutler said after the Bears' 28-10 win that "any guy who has a lot of desire like [Louis] is going to go in there and give his best effort." Louis is in the final year of his contract and was in talks for an extension.

"Lance has been solid for the last couple of years," Cutler said during his radio show. "He cares deeply about his performance and the offensive line's performance. He's kind of the rock out there, so to lose him, it would be tough."

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Tough luck for Louis but nothing illegal or dirty about the hit. He's still on his feet, tracking down the ball carrier, and Allen's job is to keep him away from tackling his teammate. What better way to do that than to knock him off his feet?

Louis should have been more aware of his surroundings.

Except that Allen launched himself, left his feet and led with his helmet.

So yeah, against the rules, dumb dumb. Which is why he'll get at least a $20k fine.

This is to say nothing of it being a totally unnecessary hit under the circumstances.

Dirty? Yes. Broke multiple rules? Yes. Fine coming? Oh, you bet.

The block/hit Jared Allen put on Lance Louis was unnecessary and obviously excessive. I'm sure the league will get him for hitting a defenseless player. What pisses me off is Allen is probably up in Minnesota laughing about it. We'll see how hard he laughs when the league hits him up for some dough, I guess it'll be a little less hunting money for Allen.

Here is some food for thought, didn't the New Orleans Saints just get in trouble for something? Lets see...OH YEAH!! Bounty Gate!! The league might wanna look into that also, sure Allen is gonna get a fine, but he might have gotten compensated for it behind closed doors? Just sayin.

Lance Louis was easily Chicago's best offensive lineman, now he's on IR. Just can't catch a break at certain positions I guess. I still think the Bears should give Louis a contract extension, he was really coming on and the Bears might have something in him. Phil Emery needs to pay Louis and get some other linemen that play the game with tenacity like Lance Louis. I look for the Bears to go with Gabe Carimi at right guard for the rest of the season, and if Carimi comes on at guard, maybe give him a shot at left guard this summer? Should be interesting GO BEARS!!

Well, the Bears do play the Vikings one more time this year. We all know about paybacks. Allen should probably be looking over his shoulder for 60 minutes.

Good comments, Kevin. I also hope Alllen gets nailed big time. I was hoping for a little pay-back on him with a solid block , say from Spaeth.

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