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Jay Cutler vows he will play again this season but not cleared yet for Vikings

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Despite the debacle, Bears quarterback Jay Cutler still wished he was in San Francisco Monday night.

Asked if he ever thought he was in a good spot on his couch in the Chicago area, Cutler laughed and noted, "No, that never went through my mind.

"I wish I was there."

The Bears were embarrassed 32-7 at Candlestick Park, where the 49ers dominated in every facet. Veteran backup quarterback Jason Campbell was sacked six times and pressured in 11 other instances.

Cutler said he's feeling better but still hasn't been cleared to play Sunday against the Minnesota Vikings at Soldier Field.

"I will play again this year," Cutler said. "No doubt about that." Cutler Bench.jpg
The Bears apparently weren't going to give Cutler any chance to play against the 49ers.

Cutler said coach Lovie Smith and medical personnel met with him and defensive end Shea McClellin, who also suffered a concussion, before they even took any tests.

"Me and Shea both, pass or not pass, everyone was leaning toward us not playing," Cutler said on the Waddle & Silvy show.

Cutler said "I feel good.

"As normal as could be. We're going through the process."

Cutler said he met with a team medical officials, which he applauded, Monday morning.

"I got a few more hoops to jump through," he said.

Cutler said the baseline concussion test includes recalling words and shapes and takes about half an hour. After being cleared by team doctors, he also has be cleared by an independent doctor.

"You've got to have no symptoms before they even give you these tests," Cutler said, mentioning blurry vision and headaches.

Ultimately, though, Cutler said returning to the field is dependent on the player.

"It's really up to the player being truthful with the doctors and coaches and saying, 'Hey, I don't feel completely right,' " he said.

This wasn't Cutler's first concussion, which compelled him to get some answers from doctors on how that could affect him long-term.

"I ask doctors these questions and their explanations to me," he said. "They get concerned when you don't return to normal, when you're in that fog for weeks on end. If you return to normal after a couple days, you can return back to work and hopefully be fine.

"Going forward, I'm going to play the same way I play. And hopefully I don't get anther concussion."

Moving forward, though, Cutler doesn't want the NFL to be too cautious. He empathized with defensive players, given the shrinking target zone to hit offensive players, particularly quarterbacks. He also hopes the NFL doesn't make a quarterback come out of a game, anytime they take a shot to the head.

"If I have to sign a waiver to play then so be it," Cutler said.

Last week, Cutler said he wasn't involved in team meetings.

"They want your brain to rest, as little amount of thinking as possible," Cutler said. "Sitting in meetings and thinking about Cover 2 and practices isn't recommended."

Cutler's fiance Kristin Cavallari took away his cell phone, and the Niners-Bears game was the only one he watched this past weekend.

"Me and Cam just stared at each other," Cutler said, mentioning his son. "Somehow I took on a little more responsibility [with him]."

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Good article on Cutler. Over the years you have written some gems on him.

That Cutler will play "sometime this year" is hardly encouraging. One would think that clearer predictions would be available.

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