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Jay Cutler "looking good" for Sunday against Minnesota Vikings

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On a night when there wasn't much positive to report, Bears coach Lovie Smith cast hope that starting quarterback Jay Cutler could return for the team's next game against the Minnesota Vikings.

"He was feeling better. He got better as time went along," Smith said of Cutler. "We left him at home, didn't have him fly out.

"He was feeling a lot better by the end of the week so it's looking good.''

The Bears thought they had a more than capable backup in veteran Jason Campbell, but he struggled in a 32-7 loss to the San Francisco 49ers. Campbell completed 14 of 22 passes for 107 yards with one touchdown and two interceptions.

His passer rating was 52.7, and he also fumbled twice, including one in the end zone that resulted in a safety.

Cutler was ruled out for the game against the 49ers Friday after suffering a concussion late in the second quarter of the 13-6 loss to the Houston Texans at Soldier Field.

The Bears return to Soldier Field, where they host the 6-4 Vikings on Sunday.

Cutler is scheduled to make his appearance on his weekly radio show with ESPN 1000 Tuesday.

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Oh my what a great game! My two Bumstead HOFers J'marcus Webb and Gabe Creamy sure are the bees knees! They add mystery and excitement to the game! I loved seeing Campbell in there and got so excited when Joshy Lover Boy McCown almost got in the game! Ohh shuck maybe next time I hope!

N E way, it's 12:30 in the morning and I'm alone in my apartment so it is time to partay! I went out and bought some diet coke which I'm going to drink while listening to Enya's greatest hits. I am such a total party animal sometimes!!!!

LOL!! The lead bowling pin is looking good for the next game. Hope he enjoys getting run over like Campbell was tonight.

You mean it looks like cutler may start

"jay cutler" and "looking good" is a contradiction in terms

The Bears got out-coached on offense and defense in that game. I have serious concerns about the Bears offensive line. It is awful, and Jay Cutler puts so much lipstick on that pig, it's becoming ridiculous.

They'd better try and nab Denver's Ryan Clady (LT) in the off-season, and draft a lineman in the 1st or 2nd round - or Cutler's career will be shortened to 2 more years - if he even re-signs with the team.

I am sick of hearing about how offensive lines need consistent time together. Let me say this: the Bears OL consistently sucks AS$.

This pass protection joke has been going on since 2007. Tice is not absolved of blame here, but it's difficult to make adjustments when you don' t know if/when the OL is going to collapse at any given moment.

Terrible game. The Bears are barely a playoff team. They'll be lucky to win 10 or 11 - even with Cutler in there.

The bears just got exposed to better coaching and better players. Hopefully they won't make playoffs and get embarrassed again. Also what purpose do bear safeties have?? Useless!!!!!

Seriously! That was their best effort? This team is a joke as well as Lovie Smith. We were talking Super Bowl awhile back, they won't even make it to the play-offs. If they get lucky and do, they are one and done. This is not one of the NFL's elite teams friends. Webb and Carimi are a complete joke. This makes us wonder why other teams can bring in back-up O lineman who can play better than those 2 knuckleheads. And how does San Fran come up with a back-up QB, yet all we get is Campbell who at times looked pretty clueless. Games like this make me want to be a Green Bay fan which is pretty nauseating. Time for Lovie to take a hike, this team was not prepared to play. Take Tice with him.

Wow! Negativism abounds and rightfully so. I quit waching the game late in the 4th quarter, and have never before quit watching until the game was over, regardless of the score. The game was brutal, and the Bear defense was totally over-matched agfainst a rookie quarterback. The offense was equally bad, and special team's play was sporadic at best. I have not given up hope because I believe Cutler would have helped some, in site of the , what Morrissey calls " the red carpet to the quarterback" offensive line. I am sure Cutler could not have pulled out a victory last night and may have been beaten mercilessly by the niners defense, but he would not have been so slow in his releases, would have dumped the ball off more often,would have made much faster reads than Campbell did. I do not mean to be too hard on Cam,pbell, who kept on ticking while taking a licking and was hardly able to get the ball before he was swarmed over, often by one of his defendersbeing easily pushed into him.
Minnesota is next, and hopefully the Bears can regroup in the short week of preparation. Maybe they better practice on Thanksgiving Day a double shift.

Campbell looked terrified, and on the INT to the left side he threw it without being able to step into the throw--because, of course, the SF DEF was in his face, running over J'Marcus Webster in the process. Campbell is unacceptable as a backup, as is McCown. The Bears finally have skill players at the skill positions--why not spend the money to protect them? If Clady is available in the offseason and they don't at least try for him, I say we march on Halas Hall with torches and pitchforks.

if I am Cutler, any contact extension is conditional upon the Bears signing an All-Pro left tackle--period.

There is nothing we can do with the o line this season. They called it during the draft it wasn't addressed, nothing was done in free agency, and this is what we are left with.
The playing has to be better if we have a shot to take division. Say what you want, I watched the line give Cutler time to throw last year. They Bears were on fire til he was hurt. With Carimi in the rotation you would expect things to be better. U tell me, what's changed from this year to the last?

Grandma Moses the painter in a wheel chair could have done as well as J'Marcus Webb.

Finally a coach who had played quarter back attacked the huge vacant plot caused by blitzing linebackers and safeties stationed well back. It was about time. 49er receivers were running free in the prairie.

We have the wrong 2nd team QB. Lovie did not trust our guy and it showed. They gave him few enough plays and patterns top lose. Am I dreaming or do other team's second team QBs practice with a second team receiver they can trust, who then shows up well?

It's unfortunate...the bears have enough talent in order to win a super bowl everywher except the oline. These clowns/emery/lovie/tice have known about this and done nothing about for years. What is even more frustrating is that the clowns they did bring in have zero heart...they are a bunch of tin men ...Webb and carimi the two biggest tin men...the dine was getting torched last night but at least you could tell those guys were still getting after it...the oline looked as if they didn't fight from them...Just getting thrown around like a couple of rag dolls..even Louis sucked last night..Willis who is 50+ ponds lighter than lance knocked him on the ground at least three or four times... least fire off the ball and run block...knock the niners on their heels or arses

Bottom line is every previous comment is true! The McCaskey family needs to sell the team period. Virginia McCaskey don't even know what year it is.
As lng as they own the team, they will not win. Her son Michael ran Mike Ditka and Jerry Vanisi out of Chicago and from there it has all been down hill.

good become a packers fan it just one less bandwagon

This is the best comment I have ever read

I fully agree. I would have fired Lovie Smith after that game. Mike Tice has proven to be totally incompetent as offensive coordinator, even though he has no offensive line or tight end to work with.

You have no idea what you're talking about. Payton Manning couldn't be successful with this offensive line and coordinator (though Manning is his own coordinator, so you can't really compare that aspect). Jason Campbell would start for 1/2 to 1/3 of the teams in this league, and is the best backup QB in the league if Alex Smith is delegated to the bench.

The biggest problem with this game is that the Bears were not mentally or emotionally prepared to play a football game. I've never liked Lovie Smith, but this was a capital offense that should have gotten him fired. The biggest game of the season so far and your team's not prepared to play? Absolutely inexcusable.

The Bears looked like little girls getting beat up by 300-pound bullies. I've never been more embarrassed to be a Bear fan in my life, and there's been plenty of competition for that "honor."

As some have correctly pointed out, the problems on this team come from ownership and management. After this season, we'll see if Phil Emory has what it takes to be a successful GM in this league. First he has to fire Lovie Smith AND hire someone who has a high chance of becoming a good head coach. Next, he has to draft good offensive linemen in the first two rounds, plus pick up one or two more good starters in free agency. (He also must get a competent tight end, though this is the least of the Bears' problems.)

If Emory fails to either replace Smith with a good coach or doesn't get good linemen, he's a failure as a GM and we will be doomed to more of the same indefinitely. In that case, I think I'll sail off to the South Pacific and forget I ever knew about football.

Fire Lovie? I wish. I've wished that for a long time. You know what really drives me mad about him though? So the defense is supposedly his unit, right? Well, it irks me time and time again when commentators point out how Lovie's defense doesn't do much to disguise its coverages. It's a simplistic defense and opposing offenses know for the most part what's coming.

The thing is, why wouldn't you want to disguise your coverages? Why wouldn't you want to give your defense every advantage possible? Of the few positive plays the Bears D had on Monday night, that crushing sack Idonije and Wooton had on Kaepernick in the red zone came on a disguised coverage. It looked like a zero blitz, with Briggs and Urlacher crowding the line, and then at the snap all the linebackers drop into coverage confusing the hell out of Kaepernick and leading to a sack.

Again, you think the Bears would give themselves more of an advantage on defense by disguising looks and confusing opposing quarterbacks pre-snap, but no, not stubborn old Lovie...

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