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Jay Cutler demands more from the Bears' offense

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It's about time the Bears' offense gets things together and consistently produces.

That would just about sum up Bears quarterback Jay Cutler's thoughts on his team's offense, which he shared Monday during his weekly radio show on WMVP-AM 1000 with ESPN's Waddle & Silvy.

Cutler doesn't want himself or the offense to be at fault if the Bears fail to reach or win the Super Bowl this season. Although the offense was productive in the Bears' 51-20 demolishing of Tennessee Titans on Sunday, Cutler said they could and should be much better.

"We've got to pick up the pace," Cutler said during his radio show. "We've got to raise our game up to [the defense's] level because they're playing lights-out football.

"At the end of the day, I don't want it to come back on the offense to say, 'Hey, you didn't win a Super Bowl. You didn't go this far because the offense was lacking.' That's something I don't want on my shoulders. I don't want to have to look the defensive guys in the eyes next year and be like, 'Hey, sorry we couldn't get it done for you guys.' Because that's a Super Bowl-caliber defense we have."

Of the all topics discussed on his radio show Monday, Cutler was the most adamant about the offense's struggles, particularly in the red zone and early in games. Against the Titans, the Bears were forced to settle for three field goals by Robbie Gould.

"[With a] 7-1 [record] at this point, we feel good about it," said Cutler, who completed 19 of 26 passes for 229 yards and three touchdowns on Sunday. "Defensively, we're playing amazing. Those guys are fun to watch each and every week just to see how they raise their game.

"Offensively, we still have some ways to go. We struggled in the red zone a little bit. We've got to get off to better starts. Third [and] fourth quarters, I think we're playing really well, making adjustments. But at some point, we have to put together four quarters.

"We picked it up [on Sunday]. We got some drives together. In the second half, I thought we played a lot better. But we're still having some red-zone problems down there of really executing plays and having to settle for field goals too often."

The Bears also have concerns about pass protection -- Cutler was sacked three times by the Titans and fumbled once -- and they continue to falter on first downs. The offense has consistently relied on the defense to put them in good field position to produce.

How do they fix things with stellar defensive teams in the Houston Texans and San Francisco 49ers next on the schedule?

"Just practice," Cutler said. "Learn from your mistakes, including myself. The turnover (the fumble) down there was all me trying to do too much within the play."

Cutler, though, did say the adjustments the Bears have made offensively late in games have worked very well. He also said the Bears are seeing "everything" when it comes to defensive schemes.

Cutler entered Sunday's game with the league's best fourth-quarter passer rating. That trend continued in Nashville as he threw two touchdown passes to receiver Brandon Marshall in the fourth quarter.

But it still wasn't good enough for Cutler.

"Our second-half adjustments have been spot on," Cutler said. "We've just got pick it up and start doing it in the first quarter and second quarter."

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ddThe bears need Jeffery back Devin is not dependable as a wide out bennette is a good possession over the middle or if johnny knots could play he would compliment Marshall
And the line needs to play better give him time Cutler can play he just needs the people around him to step up if the line isnot protecting him we have no shot at winning the playoffs or superbowl I have all the faith in world in the Cutler to Marshall reunion gets get it together and whoop some tail the d is playing lights out now the offense needs to click bear down

Victor your spot on the bears need jeffrey back asap the fact of the matter is devin hester is a situational wr at best and Bennett is a #4 guy maybe #3 even with marshall and jeffrey the bears still need another wr a burner a screen pass playmaker that can turn a 2 yard pass to a td, knox could of been that guy too kad hes hurt bad

The WR's are not the issue. Jeffries back is a big upgrade but it won't help either OT. Webb and Carimi need to block better. Having two TE's stay in on passes so often to block leaves Forte and two Wr's in the pattern. The Wr's are double teamed. All because of pass protection deficiencies. Guarantee Webb not a starter next season.

The Bears have still done well without him, but with him another dimension is added. He has the makings of a solid star, in the Marshall vein. Haster is hester and his value cannot be overstated. Even so, as a receiver he is still not a game-breaker the way other receivers can be, and he has had his opportunities.

Cutler's the problem - he's a ponk!

If we had someone like rodgers or peyton manning we'd be undefeated.

jayboy needs to grow up and BEAR DOWN!!

Its not Jay that stinks it the OL. If he had protection he would be destroying Defenses every week Moron..

Cutler needs to start by demanding more of himself! He makes the worst decisions and although the O-Line still needs much help, Cutler's only made it worse for himself. Like someone said, it's not the Receivers...

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