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Jay Cutler cleared to play Sunday against Vikings

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Bears quarterback Jay Cutler was cleared Saturday by an independent neurologist, the final hurdle for his return to the football field.

Cutler is expected to start Sunday against the Minnesota Vikings at Soldier Field, according to two league sources.

Cutler missed last Monday's 32-7 loss in San Francisco after suffering a concussion late in the second quarter of the 13-6 loss to the Houston Texans the week before. Cutler was listed as questionable on Friday's injury report, but the Bears were confident he was ready to play again, pending approval from the independent neurologist.

"It's always good to have your starter back," Bears running back Matt Forte said. "Jay is very comfortable in this offense and in the passing game especially. We've got to get the running game going to help out the passing game."

Cutler practiced again Friday -- doing more than he did the day before -- as he continues to make his way back from his concussion.

On Friday, Bears coach Lovie Smith was very encouraged by Cutler's progress.

"He's getting better," Smith said. "He was able to do more [Friday] than he did [Thursday]. He's looking good.

"It's looking better."

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Getting starting quarterback Jay Cutler back on the field is the best thing that could have happened to a team like Chicago who is currently heading on a downward spiral. Hopefully the offense can get back on track, or at least put together a couple drives that don't end in 1 2 3 & out with Cutler at the helm, the Cutler to Marshall plan can hopefully get back on track also sunday.

This needs to be Cutlers time, he needs to put things together and make a playoff run for Chicago. I'm sure Cutler wants a major payday this off-season, he needs to earn it. Yes, Cutler plays behind one of the NFL's worst o-lines, but you know what? So does Aaron Rodgers up in Green Bay, his line is just as bad and he has the Pack headed toward another playoff run. Also, Rodgers doesn't have a receiver like Brandon Marshall or a Pro-Bowl running back like Matt Forte, heck, he doesn't even have a starting caliber runner right now. There are no excueses left for Cutler, he needs to win now and stay healthy. The QB is the key to any offense, Cutler needs to step up and prove he's Chicago key to a playoff run GO BEARS!!

Upon hearing this news, Lovie was heard screaming the following while jumping in the air and clicking his heels together:

"Oh sweet Jesus, thank you! Thank you, thank you, thank you! Hallelujah my job is safe!! Woo hoo!"


Dear O-line,

Jay is back, but still has a concussion. Another one could end his season, maybe his career. It is now YOUR JOB to protect Jay's head from hitting anything. Five men working as one unit should be able to stop their QB from hitting the turf every other play. Other teams do it, what's the issue here?

Bears Fans

P.S. Let's see what the two changes on the line do this week. The line needs to be the first priority in the offseason, Mr. Emery.

"There are no excueses left for Cutler, he needs to win now and stay healthy."

Wow, Kevin, you really DON'T know how to break down a team. That comment is ridiculous. The Green Bay line has some problems, but is, in no universe, as bad as Chicago's.

Additionally, your running back comment is a joke because the Packers run a west-coast offense, which has designed passing plays to operate like a running game.


Aaron Rodgers has had the best receiving corps in the NFL for 5-seasons.
Jay Cutler has had ONE GOOD RECEIVER for 10 games.

Aaron Rodgers has been playing in the same offense since college (8-years).
Jay Cutler is on his fifth offense over the same stretch.

Aaron Rodgers offensive line is, at the very worst, average.
Jay Cutler's offensive line is, without a doubt, one of the leagues 5 worst.

Tom Waddle stated on ESPN 1000: "I think anyone would be hard-pressed to find a single GM or coach (other than the Bears) in the NFL who would sign and start the Bears tackles on their team."

Maybe if the Bears re-signed Josh Beekman and had him replace JWebb they'd go all the way? Good analysis, buddy.

Kevin Armstead, did you watch your hero Aaron Rodgers on Sunday night against the New York Giants? How did he look while being chased around and smacked by defensive linemen over and over again? Gosh, according to your way of thinking that loss must be all on Rodgers since that's how you judge Cutler.

Well said, Mike.

BTW, Kevin, I am the "anonymous" poster.

Mike, you have to understand that Kevin thought the Bears could win a Superbowl with Kyle Orton at quarterback. You know Kyle Orton, right? He's the guy who lost his job to Tim Tebow.

Enough said. Enjoy your ride on the short bus this morning, Kev.


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