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Devin Hester ruled out for Sunday with concussion

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hester23.jpgThe Bears won't have the game-changing services of kick returner/receiver Devin Hester when they face the Seattle Seahawks on Sunday. Hester (concussion) was officially ruled for Sunday after missing his second practice in a row on Thursday.

"Hester is getting better," coach Lovie Smith said after practice.

But then Smith added, "[it will] be awhile still."

Hester suffered his concussion last Sunday against the Minnesota Vikings. Veteran Eric Weems took over Hester's spots on offense and special teams and will do so again this week against the Seattle Seahawks.

"Devin is a great player, great athlete, great teammate, a great all-around everything," Weems said afterward. "One man down, the next man has to step up."

Hester was only on the field for eight plays against the Vikings. He didn't have a catch, but had a six-yard punt return early in the first quarter and was tackled by safety Harrison Smith. He briefly remained in the game following the hit.

Hester was then ruled out in the second quarter after being taken to the Bears' locker room.

It's been an up-and-down season for Hester so far. He's yet to return a kick for a touchdown, while having 18 catches for 203 yards and one touchdown.

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Losing Devin Hester will hurt the Bears return game obviously, where will it hurt, field position. Hester hasn't exactly been tearing it up as a returnman this year, teams will not kick to Hester because of his reputation as a great returner, so the Bears have had great field postion for the most part this season because of that reputation. When Hester has gotten his chance to take one back he just doesn't seem to have that same burst he did a couple seasons back for whatever reason? Eric Weems is not the returnman Hester once was, but he might give the Bears return game a boost because he might have a little more burst once he gets in the open field vs Hester.

As a receiver, Hester hasn't exactly been tearing it up either. Hester is usually good for a deep bomb here and there or maybe a quick slant, but thats about it, nothing consistent. Hester isn't eactly a reliable target either for Cutler. Not saying Weems will be much of an upgrade at receiver, he won't, but he isn't gonna be a downgrade either. Maybe we'll get to see the great Dane Sanzenbacher get a shot to catch a couple balls this year. As long as the Bears have the beast known as Brandon Marshall, they'll be fine at receiver, getting rookie receiver Alshon Jeffery back wouldn't hurt either. Should be interesting GO BEARS!!

I'm sorry Hester is not in there. His reputation has been better than his performance, but he still gets rthe Bears great field position most of the time.

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