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Devin Hester leaves game vs. Vikings with concussion

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hester.jpgBears kick returner/receiver Devin Hester suffered a concussion in the first half of the game Sunday against the Minnesota Vikings.

Hester was ruled out in the second quarter after heading to the Bears' locker room to be evaluated. Veteran Eric Weems took over Hester's spots on offense and special teams.

Hester had a six-yard punt return early in the first quarter, getting tackled by safety Harrison Smith. But briefly remained in the game following the hit.

It's been an up-and-down season for Hester so far. He's yet to return a kick for a touchdown, while having 18 catches for 203 yards and one TD.

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No real loss...dude hasnt shown up yet this season---either other teams have figured him out, he's lost a step, or he's just dogging it...clearly not worth the huge huge mark up he once commanded---at either spot---running kicks back or catching passes. He clearly has lost something. Dont give huge money to this guy anymore, just hasnt panned out in recent memory. NOt the brightest college graduate you'd ever meet either. would love to see his transcripts someday.

Hester has helped the Bears by simply being on the field. The kickers avoid kicking to him and thereby give the bears good field position, and as a receiver,he can be devastating if he gets open with a little bit of room to maneuver. The major problem is getting that room to maneuver, both on kicks and receptions. Granted he is not all that great a route runner, but I still like him in there with the potential to break a big one any time.

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