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Defensive MVP candidates Charles Tillman and J.J. Watt in Sunday night spotlight

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NBC's Sunday Night Football gets a treat next week, when the Bears host the Houston Texans.

Both teams are 7-1. Both teams talent at premium positions like quarterback, running back and receiver.

But one of the top story lines will be two defenders who appear to be Defensive Player of the Year candidates.

The Bears have cornerback Charles Tillman and the Texans have defensive end J.J. Watt, and they're both having special seasons.

Watt leads the NFL with 10 1/2 sacks, 10 passes defended, and he's recovered two fumbles. Watt.jpg

Tillman leads the NFL with seven forced fumbles, he's returned both of his interceptions for touchdowns, and he's defended six other passes. Tillman Flex.jpg

Naturally, Bears teammates are biased about who they like for Defensive Player of the Year.

"You know the answer to that question," Bears linebacker Lance Briggs said. "Peanut all day. I think we are all seeing history being made.

"I've never seen anybody who's been able to do the things he's able to do, and to do it so consistently."

Watt had a sack, two tackles for loss and five quarterback hurries in a 21-9 victory over the Buffalo Bills Sunday.

Tillman had a career-high four forced fumbles against the Tennessee Titans. He now has 36 for his career, passing Julius Peppers and Dwight Freeney of the Indianapolis Colts for second most since 2003. Robert Mathis of the Colts is first with 38.

"It's different because most of mine come from the blind side of the quarterback and getting strips that way," Peppers said. "He does it while the guy is looking at him and trying to run him over. He does it in a different way so I think it makes it a little more impressive on his part."

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Am I the only one that believes the word "sexy" has no place in a football conversation? Saying interesting, compelling, exciting or anything to that effect is appropriate but nothing about Tillman and Watts should elicit sexual arousal.

Seeing how the Bears cope with Watt should be interesting, almost as interesting as seeing how the Bear defense copes with Huston's powerhouse offense. Arguably, this will be the best team the Bears have faced this season. Green Bay is perhaps better and certainly pounded Huston when they met. Let's hope Cutler has as good a day against them as Rodgers did.

Wow is this a joke? Sean do me a favor don't ever compear a future HOFer like Watt to Peanut Brain. Watt is an animal. He creates pressure on QBs and stops the run like only true blue ship ends do. The sacks areew only halve the story as he has even more hits and hurries. He keeps this up and he will easily be the defene MVP. Now you want to compare him to Peanut Brain Tillman? Wow, well elts see Peanut Brain is good at forcing fumbles thats great only probnerlm is he is a CORNER. He should be stoipping the pass from being caught in the first place and gettin interceptions instead. Prob;em is he's two slow to keep up with half the wide redeibers in the NFL. Like I said before Peanut Brain should have been maid a saftie years ago but Lovie likes to prove he is the worst coach in the pros time and time again. Oh yeah, all you homers will get a big reality check when the Texans march into Soldier's Field. You herd it hear first.

Charles Tillman Shut down Megatron, he is meant to be a corner, and hes not the one giving up the passes, its part of the Bears scheme, they allow short completions, and TIllman chases people down and forces fumbles, two of his forced fumbles were against Chris Johnson who never fumbles, get your facts straight and don't just go off of opinion

I'd rather him create turnovers than an incomplete pass any day. Peanut is gonna be mvp for D this year

Will the real Creighton please make an appearance? I canot believe the above is from him, and if so, is he suffering from too many drugs or some other malady?

Really? They are just desperately trying to hype this matchup.

A corner who until meeting scrubtastic Titans only had 4 forced fumbles. He only 6 passes defended which means he is getting beat on passes a lot.

Hell, the other corner for the bears, Jennings, has zero forced fumbles because he is busy blocking his 15 passes defended.

*compare *blue chip *are *half *lets *problem *stopping *problem *recievers *safety *heard *here. Please stop making us texans fans look like idiots.

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