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Brian Urlacher and Henry Melton fined by NFL

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Minnesota Vikings defensive end Jared Allen wasn't the only player fined for rough play last Sunday at Soldier Field.

Bears linebacker Brian Urlacher was fined $15,750 for a horse collar tackle and defensive tackle Henry Melton was fined $7,875 for a face mask, league sources confirmed. Both infractions were against Vikings running back Adrian Peterson, who wasn't injured on either play.

Both Melton and Urlacher are expected to appeal.

Allen, meanwhile, was fined $21,000 for a hit on Bears guard Lance Louis that ended his season with a torn ACL.

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Fining players for any penalty whatsoever is ridiculous. They get the penalty called against them on the field, and that's as it should be, but a line has to be drawn somwhere regarding these petty fines for minor infractions. Neither of these plays were designed to hurt the player, and were not even close to Allen's vicious hit on Louis.

I agree Paul, fining every personal foul sets a bad precedent because they're not all intentional. Only the malicious acts should be fined. Fining Cutler for lightly tossing a ball at someone is a joke. Sure he has the money, but that's not the point. If they keep going in this direction we'll be watching flag football pretty soon.

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