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Kellen Davis vows to rebound after tough game

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If Bears tight end Kellen Davis had to pick one play that really bothered him from his tough outing against the Houston Texans on Sunday night, it was the pass he dropped running a wide-open seam route late in the fourth quarter.

"It was a play I've always made and to come up short really made me upset," Davis said Thursday at Halas Hall. "I was disappointed in myself. I have to come back from that and make some more plays for the team."

The Bears punted on the next play after Davis' leaping drop, which occurred with 3:46 left in the game and on a relatively high throw from backup quarterback Jason Campbell.

Davis also was hurt on the play, but that didn't stop fans at Soldier Field from voicing their displeasure. Davis had two drops and a fumble against the Texans. He was targeted five times, but made only one catch for six yards and lost the ball when he was hit hard by safety Danieal Manning.

As for the boos from the faithful ...

"It feels great man, you know. It's awesome," Davis said sarcastically. "Tough ball, hit the ground, get hurt and (have) everybody boo you.

"It's definitely not fun, and it's not easy. But it's part of this game, and it's something we just have to deal with. We have great fans, and I hope not to mess up in the future. But I'm not perfect. So hopefully, they won't boo me."

Davis has 11 catches for 150 yards and two touchdowns this season. As a group, the Bears' tight ends have combined for 18 catches, 189 yards and Davis' two scores. Entering Week 11, 35 tight ends have accounted for more yardage individually this season.

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I'm 100% against booing a guy when he gets hurt, thats uncalled for and very immature. With that being said, if a guy drops 2 passes and fumbles, boo away I say, its your right as a fan. You're getting paid $$millions$$ of dollars to catch a ball, catch it, or face the 4th phase fan club.

The bottom line here is this, the Bears need to get more production out of their tight ends, and Davis just doesn't seem to be getting it done. Yeah the Texans game was his worst to date but he's been dropping balls all season. I'd like to see what second year tight end Kyle Adams can do? Maybe Adams can make some catches and keep some of these drives alive for an offense that has some major problems right now? Greg Olsen would look good in a Bear uniform right about now along side Brandon Marshall, Cutler had a pretty good rapport with Olsen like Marshall, what could have been? Mike Martz, the greatest evil that ever happened to the Chicago Bears offense, just an opinion now GO BEARS!!

I hope Kellen Davis has a short memory because the Bears need to exploit the middle of the field. If Davis has another poor game, get Rodriguez or Adams in his spot. Maybe a benching will get the message thru.

At least it is good to know that he knows that he messed up big time. In games like that one against asolid team, critical mistakes in key moments can cost the game. A case could be made that Davis's performance and the bad call on whether or not Cutler was over the line on the pass to Hester caost the bears the game.

This guy is an archetypal Bumsteader. I love him. We need to give him a contract extension for $500 million for 50 years. Total beast!

I hope Kellen knows that the boos had nothing to do with his injury. This isn't a Matt Cassell situation. They were booing his 6 targets, 1 catch, 2 drops and 1 fumble. That's just about the poorest performance he could have had--especially considering he wasn't going to come back in the off-season if Mike Martz was coaching again because he wanted more targets.

Through 5 seasons, the Kellen Davis experiment has been a 6'7, 275 pound FAIL.

I don't think he really does understand that he messed up. I think the sarcasm was really childish, and nowhere does he actually say that his performance was boo-worthy (which it was). Can't hate on fans for giving you a hard time when you don't play well. And as for the "I'm not perfect" mentality, you can throw that shit out the window. The truth is he wasn't even adequate that game, and he needs to get his shit together.

I don't think you should judge someone by his performance in just one game, but you have to admit when you're playing like crap in order to improve.

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