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Bears take issue with Tim Dobbins' hit on Jay Cutler

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There's no telling when Jay Cutler will be ready to play again. It may be as soon as Friday afternoon for practice at Halas Hall. Or it may be five Fridays from now.

With that in mind, defensive tackle Henry Melton and linebacker Brian Urlacher both voiced their disapproval for Houston Texans linebacker Tim Dobbins' helmet-to-helmet hit on Cutler, which caused his concussion.

"He could have really made a hard, clean hit on him, but it wasn't clean at all," Melton said. "He did have a chance to take a huge shot on him. If you do hurt the quarterback, you know, so be it.

"But you're not trying to go out there and end anybody's career, but if you have a chance to take your shot, you've got to take it, but that wasn't the opportunity for him."

Urlacher said he would have led with this shoulder. Dobbins was fined $30,000 for the hit and has said he will appeal.

"I would try to hit him with my shoulder or hit him somewhere where it wouldn't be helmet-to-helmet," Urlacher said. "It's a big play in the game because it did take out our quarterback. There's just so many rules now; they can suspend you. Someone got suspended from Denver a couple weeks ago for hitting somebody.

"You've just got to be careful. You've got think about it and be mindful about it. But I would try not to hit him with my helmet, that's for sure. They may say it's a big hit anyway and you might still get a penalty for it, but they may not fine you for it."

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I think it was a cheap shot...people try to say cutler was out of the pocket and/or a runner so he is fair game but he was still in a "defenseless" position when throwing the ball...I think dobbins should have been suspended for a game...especially since he clearly lead with his head and targeted cutler's with it...

This is nothing more than a Chicago version of Monday morning quarterback. Seriously Urlacher...your going to say you would have lead with your shoulder? Come on buddy, Cutler was breaching the line and therefor he's fair game, if he wants to stay protected than it's in his best interest to stay behind the line. End of discussion!

Dobbins did what linebackers are taught to do--he just did what is now illegal. The part i found objectionable was his smug attitude, almost laughing about it. In an era where the effects of concussions are being seen as life-altering after football, for him to have that attitude is offensive. Forget that it was a Bears QB for a moment--this guy took another man's future in his hands with that hit.

If Ditka were still the coach, he would have found a way to pay back Dobbins legally and send a message that what he did is unacceptable.

@Darrell: Regardless if Cutler was a runner or not, helmet to helmet is still a penalty, regardless of whether he was behind the line or across it. If Forte took a hit to the helmet while running, it would've still been flagged. End of discussion.

I cannot see how anyone watching the game could call Dobbins' hit anything but a cheap shot. The ball had been thrown and Dobbins had plenty of time to stop. Instead, he led with his helmet to Cutler's head.

It's called the NFL....and if Cutler keeps running up the middle on offenses, such that he has more running yards than passing yards (which was the case in this game)...then you better get use to him getting knocked out. end of story. it's the same for ANY NFL quarterback out there....always has been, always WILL BE.

so the texans beat chicagos second string qb would can a victory had to take the coward way out cutler was abusing them with his feet no doubt if not for that cheap shot they would be 8-2 but karma is a motherf

While there has always been an occasional unintended high hit in the NFL, it has never been the usual practice. In the "good ole days", a good hit would have been to the "gut". That type of hit might bust a rib--not a brain. There is no doubt that Dobbins was aiming higher. When a QB's head snaps back, somebody needs to pay.

Who cares of they beat them with a second string quarterback? Cutler's numbers were HORRIBLE before he left the game! Campbell had better numbers than him anyway so it's not like Cutler could've saved the game. Stop whining and take the defeat!

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