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Bears running back Matt Forte expects to play Sunday against Seahawks

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Bears running back Matt Forte was limited in practice for a second consecutive day, and he said he expected to play Sunday against the Seattle Seahawks.

"I'm feeling good," Forte said.

Asked how bad the ankle injury was, Forte said, "I don't know how bad it is, but it hurt.

"I've been doing a lot of different stuff, seeing the chiropractor, working on it, sleeping in the hyperbaric chamber. That seems to work pretty well. I just continue to do what I did last time."

Forte said he has a hyperbaric chamber at home that he uses. Forte Catch.jpg

The Bears offensive line will be different on Sunday, but Forte said he has to give them the benefit of the doubt.

"It doesn't change my approach at all. I've just got to trust those guys up front," Forte said. "They're getting a lot of reps in practice right now so they know what to do in the game, and if we make mistakes in the game, go to the sideline and make adjustments so that we don't continue to make them."

The Bears offense has been inconsistent this season, but they generated some momentum against the Minnesota Vikings last week.

"I think it all will come along. It doesn't matter when or how many catches I make to have me be effective. When we played the [Tennessee] Titans, I didn't catch a lot of balls, but you get one big play out of it, that's getting involved in the passing game," he said.

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Good luck to Forte, but DaBears are never goin anywhere until they get rid of Lovie and Cutler. Any adversity and Lovie freezes up and Cutler gets mad or hurt.

Good news. I'd love to see him have one of those career days against the Seahawks, even though doing so against that defense is unlikely.

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