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Bears WR Alshon Jeffery says his knee is fine

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SAN FRANCISCO -- Bears receiver Alshon Jeffery left Monday night's game against the San Francisco 49ers in the fourth quarter with a knee injury, but the rookie said he was fine afterward.

"Yeah," Jeffery said when asked if he's OK. He also ran off the field without a noticeable limp.

Jeffery was playing in his first game since breaking his right hand against the Jacksonville Jaguars on Oct. 7. After missing the last four games, Jeffery had two catches for 15 yards against the 49ers. He was targeted four times by quarterback Jason Campbell.

"It was all right," Jeffery said about playing for the first time in weeks. "I was not too bad. I was just trying to get back into motion.

"It was just their night. They did a lot of things [well]."

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Dr. Jeffrey also said he was fine after the Jacksonville game...hopefully he is correct this time.... Wow...what a disaster of a game ...this oline has totally regressed at a minimum and actually I think has not improved all season...both Webb and carimi were major disasters in sf...what's worse is I think the line has absolutely no heart...say what you will about Brandon Marshall and jay cutler about getting on players but you know those two care and play with big heart...bates ought to start calling the plays so tice can focus on the oline...Sean or Adam any thoughts on that possibly being under discussion?

Loved the radio commentary from Jay Hilgenberg after the game pointing out how Chilo Rachal was a failure in San Fran yet he comes to Chicago and is a bad starter. Carimi was a decent left tackle in college but isn't good enough to fill the position in the NFL but the Bears drafted him anyway and moved him to RT where he has been stinking it up.

I dont understand the bears coaches last year they said the wide recievers would be the strength and we didnt need a #1 reciever, and they were sadly mistaken and Devin hester is not a #1 reciever looks like a #4 at best anyways this year they ignore the offensive line and guess what wrong again cutler is actually pretty awesome how he covers alot of problems on this bears team but please god give him some help,and again Kellen Davis is not a #1 tight end and should have never let go of olsen all this mistakes will keep you from the promise land they need to get their head out their ass,

Yeah, Alshon said he was ok right after his last injury. Then he missed 5 games. So maybe this, "I'm fine," really means he's done for the season. Who knows. I love the kid though. I really think he'll be awesome. Hope it's nothing to serious.
Nobody needs to get fired yet, but somebody with authority needs to sit Mike Tice down and make sure everybody's on the same page. That output is unacceptable and the o-line needs to play next week like their careers depended on it.

What we learned tonight boys and girls is this, the Chicago Bears are not a playoff team, at least not at the moment. Can they be?

What is the most discouraging thing of last nights loss is not the offense, c'mon, we know the line sucks, I had no confidence in Jason Campbell, he never looked that sharp during the pre-season and there was a reason the Raiders dumped him pretty quick for Carson Palmer, it was the Bears defense. The defense was suppose to be the one thing Chicago could hang their hats on offense or no offense. They laid an egg. Having Cutler would have helped...I think? But the injury prone Cutler doesn't play defense.

Now, to add insult to injury, so to speak, Jeffery, like Cutler, might not have the physical makeup to play in the NFL, thats also very very discouraging.

Hopefully Cutler can return and Jeffery is alright, I had high hopes for him. The good is Chicago is still in 1st place in the NFC north and basically control their own destiny. Every game from here on out is a MUST win, no questions asked, especially the Green Bay game. And Phil Emery, if you're reading this, you need to use your 1st and 2nd round draft picks on offensive linemen!! Oh well, this sundays another game GO BEARS!!

This is an 8-8 team. As long as Lovie is allowed to get failed old head coaches as assistants this team will fail. Old Lady McCaskey should pack up Lovie and the entire coaching staff and begin over. New O line and new coaching staff. Maybe next year, this is just the same as last year. The Bears Blow!

I do not know who called the pass plays to the flat, two of which Jeffries caught, and one of which was intercepted, but with the pressure Campbell was under, those calls were potential disasters. Was there even a pass over the middle even attempted? Everyone is guilty for the travesty this game became, but certainly the offensive line and Campbell's slow reads and slower releases are major factors. The Bear defense also looked like they had no clue about what was coming. Did they not have film from previous Niner games to help?

I'll make this short and sweet. Yes, that game was an atrocious sight to behold. Yes, everyone has their own blame to garner. However, let's keep our optimism going. We're still 7-3 and when this team's back is against the wall they come out firing. Houston's win wasn't a wake-up call -- this game was. I suspect moods won't be good at Halas Hall and better play will be expected. The city expects it. Don't write this team off like so many of you always do. We get to see what they're really made of. Don't just stand behind them when they win, do the same when they lose, too. That's what it means to be a fan.

This is priceless. Let me get this straight. Phil Angelo's draft works out like this:

1st round: Stands up alot. Has 1 move, the spin move. Gets to the QB about as often as Webb/Carimi get their hands on a defensive lineman. And is undersized to play a 4-3.

2nd round: You trade up when equally as good WR's were still on the board. You can't predict injuries, but this guy has been no help at all.

3rd round: Here you start taking guys who could have been taken 2-3 rounds later. You draft a CB who got hurt his Sr. year and didn't play at all. Then you move him to safety. And...he gets hurt again. Would have been a nice place to take an O-lineman
4th round: You draft this "hybrid" TE/H-back that reminded you of Hernandez of NE. How did he remind you of him? They both wear pads? And you trade a much better blocker in Tyler Clutts.
5th round: Isaiah Frey. Once again, this guy would probably been around in round 7. Where is he now? No idea.
6th round: No Pick. Typical of Bears GM's.
7th round: Greg McCoy. "Yes, I will take the hot wax with the wash"

The window on this team is closing fast. You have coaches who consistently get out coached when they go up against teams that aren't mediocre. You have a LT that looks like a candidate for Jenny Craig and a RT that needs to learn where the weight room In the next 2-3 years Phil Angelo has to replace 2 HOF LB's, a very good CB, get a center, LT, and figure out what to do with Carimi. I have absolutely no confidence that phil Angelo can do it.

WHAT it means to be a fan is not to walk around with your nose planted in their backsides and saying it smells like roses. Being a fan is holding your teams management/coaching staff accountable for their moves. Not every move is going to work out. I get that, but in the last 11 years, you can't look back at one draft class and say..."yeah, the GM hit on most of those." Every great GM has one or two of those years in their resume. Not our guys.

I'm still wondering about how the Bears prepared for this game. One of the Bear corners or safeties said they expected more running and less passing. What does that mean? That they do not play the pass and expect the line and linebackers to do all the work? At least this game will stop the talk about how good the Bears corners and safeties are. Against san Francisco maybe they believed their press clppings would scare the Niners into only running, so they did not need to cover receivers. A pathetic showing on their parts, simply pathetic.
Of course the Bear offense also looked like they were all suffering from "slow" pills, but the defense was close to non-existent. I wonder what happened to the pass rush. I wonder what the Viking defense will do to whatever quarterback is playing and why Forte is tackled the second he gets the hand-off. There are ll kinds of questions about this Bear team and not any encouraging answers to most of them.
Even so, I remain optimistic. Down with Minnesota!!

It's pretty simple really. Bears play single gap downhill over aggressive front 4. Last year to stop teams from gashing them with the run the started playing more single high safety so they could run a 443 stack to stop the run and that is where the problem begins.

Bears come out looking to stop the run and are in a 443 stack, 1 safety in the box, 1 safety single high. 49ers new they woulddo this because it's typical Bears. So first play of the game they go play action, what happens when you are looking run and you get play action? The other team moves the ball. This sets the tone for the night, Bears stick with stacling the box because they know the 49ers will run it eventually. Harbaugh goes classic 1 gap beater. Lots of jumbo formations, TE's all over the place, and they start running wham and trap plays. The over aggressive front 4 fall for it ever time, and the 49ers start gashing them with the run. But it's to late, because they don't know if it's going to be a run or play action and the QB is killing them and they now need to stop him. So they keep coming downhill instead of playing gap control. They tried gap control a few times later but the 49ers line is to good and the 49ers make the right audible calls. When the Bears are looking to play gap control the 49ers go play action, so again the Bears are forced to be aggressive.

While all this is going on the Bears secondary is in trouble, they are sitting in single high and a safety is being asked to play man (White). 49ers have a natural cover 1 beater in Davis. Davis is to big, fast and athletic for a safetry and Wright can't cover him. The 49ers also have Crabtree Moss and Manningham, so the rest of the secondary already has enough to worry about and Wright, and Urlacher are playing on the line to begin with because they can't stop the run so they are out of position and the are having problems getting into cover two.

To further problems the 49ers had the Bears totally confused with play action, trap and wham plays, and by mixing up their jumbo formations os the Bears never new where the point of attack was. Harbaugh didn't do anything special he just coached a smart game with classic plays used to beat single gap, cover 1 and cover 2. That's all the Bears really do on defense, so it's easy to prepare for it. I am surprised not a lot of teams have used this against them. It was simple really, play action, trap and wham, mismatch on the safety. They didn't just want the Bears to stack the box which the Bears love to do, they made them stack the box so they could attack the secondary.

Lovie had no answer because his team basically runs the same stuff all the time and dares you to be it. If a team has a good enough line, the Bears front 4 are not good enough to play gap control. They need help so they stack, and have been doing it for a year and a half, when a 1 gap team stacks you go jumbo package, play action and run wham and trap plays.

Vikings have a very good line and run the ball better than the 49ers, but they lack the cover 1 beating TE and Harvin is the only legit receiving threat. Still if they can get the run game going it's over for the Bears. Bears will stack, and the Vikings will try to do what the 49ers did with lesser personel.

Exactly, excellent comment. This is why I've never liked Lovie Smith and think he should be fired at the end of the season. Of course, firing him is only half the battle, the harder half is replacing him with a good coach.

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