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Bears quarterback Jay Cutler out with concussion

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Bears quarterback Jay Cutler suffered a concussion in the first half of Sunday's game against the Houston Texans and was ruled out for the second half of the Bears' 13-6 loss at Soldier Field.

Cutler endured an ugly helmet-to-helmet hit from Texans linebacker Tim Dobbins late in the second quarter after he scrambled and completed a pass to Devin Hester.

Dobbins was called for unnecessary roughness, but his penalty was negated because it was determined that Cutler threw the ball when he was past the line of scrimmage.

Cutler, though, didn't immediately leave the game.

After laying on the field for several moments and getting up slowly, Cutler finished the first half. Cutler actually scrambled for an 11-yard gain and a first down on the first play after he got hit in the head by Dobbins.

"He took a lot of hits, more than he needed to take," Bears coach Lovie Smith said. "No symptoms until the half. He took some shots. We just know, at the half, that's when he did have symptoms."

What were his symptoms?

"Whatever the symptoms are for a concussion," Smith said. "I'm going to let the doctors handle that. I just know he couldn't go back in the football game. I try not be Dr. Smith very often."

Smith said he's hopeful that Cutler can play next week against the San Francisco 49ers.

"We're hopeful, but you can't go that far," Smith said. "We just know he had symptoms, which started clearing up after the half. When a guy doesn't finish the game, you've just got to go with that right now."

Cutler had a forgettable first half for the Bears. He was 7-for-14 for 40 yards and had two interceptions. Cutler was not sacked in the first half, running for 37 yards.

Jason Campbell replaced Cutler in the second half after he was ruled out with a concussion. Campbell completed 11 of 19 passes for 94 yards, but most of that came on a 45-yard completion to Brandon Marshall.

"At halftime when we came in, Jay told me, 'Hey get ready. I'm not sure right now of the status of my injury. Just get ready to go out and play the second half,' " Campbell said. "From that standpoint on, the coaches came out and said 'You're in, let's roll.' "

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What a bummer for Cutler, though it was certainly tough sledding in the first half. Given that he's now had 7 (?) concussions, I would think the Bears would be well suited to draft a QB next year early.

cutler is never there when we need him

Jay should retire after this season, get married, watch his son grow up before Jay develops dementia. I'm not kidding.

That thug who hit him purposely in the head with his own coconut head needs to be suspended and fined heavily! THAT is what makes many of our football heroes demented and lost to their families as they age..that was BULL****!!!

Wake up, people. The sad truth is it does not matter if Jay Cutler plays any more or not: the damage to his cerebral tissue is already long done. Brain tissue responds to impact injury by starting a cycle of responses, the end results of which are reduced intellectual processing power now, reduced memory capacity in the near to mid future, and diminished brain function later in life. How many head injuries did he sustain in pee-wee football? High school? The fact that our schools -the one place where we can all agree our young people's growing, expanding brains are supposed to be nurtured (no chemical snacks, no television advertising, no close analysis of actual history or political facts) and protected actively endorse and cheer on the one activity that has absolutely, positively proven to bash a brain into oatmeal does not seem to bother anyone, so why give a hoot about some millionaire adult playing the game? Be honest. Smelling salts, shake it off for now, get out there Jay. I do not care one little bit about your future, I just want to be entertained right now.

Still follow Jay here in Denver, think he would have played better in 2'nd half. Dobbins should be fined and suspended for that hit.

Why is everyone all Dobbins this, Dobbins that, this is Jay's fault, he was past the line of scrimmage and thus a ball carrier and no longer a protected quarterback. If i was a Texans fan I'd be upset that about the above the shoulders contact penalty. Not exactly a smart play by Jay, was he already concussed before this point in the game?

thescoreham, your entry here is a disturbing one, but I do wonder if you are perhaps overstating the case. I have coached pee-wees in both football and ice hockey, and played enough myself to get my share of hard hits with my head bouncing off of the ground. I suspect that I have had a concussion or two and did not pay any attention to it. At age 78, I confess that I do not have the memory that I used to have, but I know many people my age who never participated in contact sports who are far worse off than I am. I guess what I wonder about is whether or not you are understating other independent variables, such as genetic predisposition,life style, etc. I mostly agree with you, and yet I think you ignore the strides that sports have made to make the games safer both in rules and equipment. Does more need to be done? Unquestionably.

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