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Bears quarterback Jay Cutler fined $10,000 for taunting

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cutlerjefferson.jpgAdd quarterback Jay Cutler to the list of Bears who were fined for plays or actions in Sunday's win against the Minnesota Vikings.

Cutler was fined $10,000 for taunting, according to a league source. Cutler was penalized for taunting Vikings cornerback A.J. Jefferson late in the first quarter.

Cutler scrambled for a 13-yard gain and was pushed out of bounds by Jefferson on the play. Cutler stiff-armed Jefferson on his way out of bounds. He then flipped the ball back at Jefferson as he made his way back to the Bears' huddle to receive the penalty.

"I was just trying to toss him the ball gingerly and say 'Good job', and they caught me, so...," Cutler said after the game.

There is no word whether Cutler plans to appeal his fine. But most players do in such cases.

Although Cutler's penalty hindered the Bears' drive, wide receiver Brandon Marshall said he likes seeing his quarterback play with that edge.

"Yes, I laughed," Marshall said after the game. "They probably got a shot of us laughing afterwards. I mean, we didn't get seven [points] out of it, Robbie [Gould] came and kicked a field goal. It's part of the game. There are a lot of emotions, we battle, and he just got caught. A lot of that is going on. It's all friendly and he just happened to get caught."

Four Bears were fined in all by the league after the Vikings game.

Other than Cutler, league sources confirmed to the Sun-Times that linebacker Brian Urlacher was fined $15,750 for a horse-collar tackle on running back Adrian Peterson; defensive tackle Henry Melton was fined $7,875 for a face mask penalty against Peterson; and kick returner/receiver Eric Weems was fined $7,875 for a late hit on Jefferson on the play just prior to Cutler's taunting penalty.

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What is this? Flag Football?

It must be...

This really is a ridiculous fine. If Cutler had wound up and thrown the ball focefully at Jefferson's head, I could see it, but Cutler just tossed it to him underhand. I guess overreacting on the part of the officials is better than making no calls, but calls like tis one are simply silly.

I wish da bears would be more cocky like that. I mean we are the monsters of the midway. Grrrrrrr

Are you kidding me? This is the kind of thing that the NFL is issuing fines for? Totally ridiculous!

I guess if you take a guy out for the season and tear his acl you only get fined 21k, next time I hope Cutler understands a little better about getting your money's worth...

Y are u worried about there fines? They are all rich. besides they are rivals its a rivalry game. How do u think they got the name rivals. Not rediculious. It's football. Not soccer

Totally bogus fine!!!

Ya ridiculous to get fined for that cutler shouldn't have done it...a little good natured talking is always fine...but that went over the line especially it did cost does he not think the linesman who is trailing won't see it. What is truly ridiculous though is allen's fine being the same as conte not to mention Allen not getting suspended for at least one game...the NFL is so inconsistent and adhoc on these fines.

But soccer is football...

This is the most ridiculous and stupid fine!! He underhanded it towards him, he disn't chuck it at his head or anything!! I swear, if Goodell doesn't get out of his position he's gonna ruin(even more than he has already) the game we all love!!

thats the bears for ya. play dirty , the stupid bear fans love it. to bad they cant beat a team with a winning record.

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