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Bears giving Rachal space: 'He's a tremendous young man'

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Chilo Rachal .jpgChilo Rachal is gone, but not forgotten at Halas Hall.

The Bears' veteran guard had a tough week, abruptly leaving the team after hearing that he was being replaced in the starting lineup by Chris Spencer for this week's game against the Minnesota Vikings. He has since returned, but is ineligible to play for the Bears for the rest of the season after being put on the reserve/non-football injury list.

The Bears might be disappointed in Rachal, but they also believe it's important for Rachal to get his personal life in order before he returns to football -- which may or may not be with the Bears.

''I don't really want to comment on how he handled things, because that's a personal matter with things he's got going on in his life,'' Bears offensive line coach Tim Holt said Friday. ''The thing that gets lost in what happened the last couple of days is how hard he worked. Everybody has things that come up in their lives. They face adversity. You think you handle things and sometimes ... it's all how you handle the adversity.

''Chilo's a tremendous young man. I think right now he needs [privacy]. I understand people want to know [what happened], but just kind of let him deal with his personal business. Obviously you hate to see something happen like that, but everybody handles things a little bit differently.''

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LOL! So what will they do if Chris Spencer is a complete flop as a replacement? Then they won't be able to bring back Rachal because they've already written him off for the rest of the season. Dumb, not because he was playing stellar, but there was a reason he was brought in to replace Spencer to begin with. And he did get the job done in a couple games. He got emotional, so what? So has Cutler.

The Bears are a weird organization which will never make one bit of sense. They pour out their vindictiveness on Rachal, Brian Griese, and Brandon Lloyd for insubordination, and let Cutler diss Tice in front of millions in a national TV audience and pretend it didn't happen while telling D.J. Moore to keep his criticisms of teammates "in house." And then Lovie's pets like Kellen Davis can play embarrassingly bad, and yet who would be surprised to see all sorts of "cloak and dagger" strings pulled to bring Davis back to the roster next season?

There's no doubt a lot of this crap comes from Lovie, the El Duce of Halas Hall. If the Bears miss the playoffs hopefully he'll go the way Rachal did, but more deservedly.

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