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Although no practice today, Jay Cutler would have been limited

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The Bears are not practicing today.

But league rules still make clubs declare whether players would or would not have practiced anyway.

Bears coach Lovie Smith said Jay Cutler, who didn't play Monday due to a concussion, would have practiced today on a limited basis. That's the strongest sign yet that he will be available for Sunday's game against the Minnesota Vikings at Soldier Field. Cutler.jpg

"Jay has to be cleared to practice on a limited basis, which he has been cleared to do that," Smith said. "Before he can play he has to be cleared by an independent neurologist. And we're not to that point. It's about practice right now."

Cutler will practice Thursday, then he'll need to be cleared by an independent neurologist before he plays against the Vikings.

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Jay cutler would be just as good as Aron Rodgers if jay had and offensive line

Let's not get too carried away here, Herschel. Cutler has a good many things to prove before he can be legitimately compared to Rodgers. I dislike Rodgers and love Cutler but am admittedly prejudiced if not a bit loony. I also hate Favre, even more than Rodgers. I do agree though that any quarterback with a line like Monday night's would have smelled up the place.

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