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Alshon Jeffery could return against 49ers on MNF

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Alshon Jeffery TD vs. Colts.jpgWith the possibility that Jay Cutler might not play against the San Francisco 49ers next Monday night, Bears coach Lovie Smith was particularly hopeful that rookie wide receiver Alshon Jeffery will play in that game after missing the previous four games with a broken hand.

''Hopefully [Cutler and defensive end Shea McClellin] will be ready to go,'' Smith said Monday. ''Hopefully other players will get back ... like Alshon Jeffery, who's making a lot of progress. I don't know for sure on him. But we can use all guys now.''

Smith acknowledged that the Bears' offense needs somebody to provide support for Brandon Marshall, who again was the dominant receiver for the Bears on Sunday night. Marshall had eight receptions for 107 yards against the Texans. Earl Bennett added one reception for nine yards. Devin Hester had two receptions for four yards. Tight end Matt Spaeth added three catches for four yards.

''Someone does [have to step up] -- you're right,'' Smith said. ''Brandon has played outstanding ball. We had a few opportunities last night, where we dropped a couple of balls that could have been big plays for us. But, yes, getting Alshon Jeffery back should help a little bit too. But, yeah, we need to get more production out of that [No. 2] slot.''

Jeffery, a second-round draft pick from South Carolina, has 14 receptions for 184 yards (13.1 per catch) and two touchdowns in five games this season.

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If Jay Cutler can't go monday night, than yes, getting Alshon Jeffery back would be a major addition to help Jason Campbell. The simple fact is this, other than Brandon Marshall, the Bears really don't have any other consistent receiving options, Devin Hester and Earl Bennett just aren't gonna get it done. Make no mistake about it, Alshon Jeffery is the #2 receiver on this team.

Another problem nobody is talking about is the tight end position, I'm sorry, Kellen Davis is not the answer. Maybe its time to see what Matt Spaeth can do, he had 3 catches vs the Texans. I know Spaeth is more of a blocker, so why not give Kyle Adams some more reps at tight end, Adams might be a better receiving option than Kellen Davis. Davis has 11 catches on the season, and a load of drops. Adams has only 3 catches but a long of 17 yards. Adams seems to have soft hands, I think thats the main reason the Bears have been keeping him around the last couple seasons. Maybe Adams can give the Bears that cocnsistent receiving threat from the tight end position that they're lacking right now with Davis, just an opinion now GO BEARS!!

The Bears should put Evan Rodriguez at tight end and Matt Speath as the fullback. I thought they drafted him to be that pass catching tight end. Kellen Davis flat out sucks. He is 6 7 300 pounds and cant block or catch. I thought going into the season he would be a matchup advantage for his size but I didnt know he was soft as a pillow. For someone that big to get popped by a little safety like Daniel Manning tells me all I need to know. Earl Bennet is strictly a third down possesion receiver and Devin hester is no more than a return man, special package guy. Because they payed him all that money they want to keep playing him at receiver but experiment is over he is not a true receiver. I have liked Alshon Jeffrey since college and was jumping for joy when they drafted him cant wait to get him back. Bears fans and writers are never satisfied and think they know it all the team has the second best record in the NFC and is well on their way. Houston is the best team in football and they could have beat them. All this negatvity about getting beat by a better team is crazy. Suddenly Lovie cant coach (Always comes back to this wonder if race has anything to do with it?) and the offense stinks. Really?? we are 7-2. Who who have thunk that before the season began?

Couldn't agree more, EXCEPT about Earl Bennett. For some inexplicable reason, Tice is not including him in the game plan (and I want to see those orange shoes again, dammit!)

A. Jeffrey is going to develop into a big-time playmaker and I believe Jason Campbell will be just fine (but I'm glad they brought back Josh as our insurance policy).

Here's hoping Jay recovers quickly and we give our former QB Harbaugh fits on Monday night.

I've see enuff of Jeffey to no he is not a football player. Cut him and save you losses. In fat cut Jeffery, Knox, Bennet, sanzenburfger and oh god peas cut Heswter. Only legit receiver on that tem is Marshall. Eberyone else id grabdge.

Does it matter who is back? As long as Tice is calling the plays, the Bears could have Jerry Rice and it wouldn't mean squat! Let Jeremy Bates call the plays!! Tice is a big disappointment so far. It's a shame!

The chicago bears need alshon jeffery and he is a great wide reciever if it wasnt for his broken hand i believe they couldve absolutly crushed the texans but they always throw the ball to brandon marshall and martz the idiot who got rid of greg olsen who is in fact in the top te TEs right now if they had another go to guy on the offense it would allow the offense to make more plays and also the bears are still a superbowl contender and the defense in my opinion is the best in the league by far but even though they allow 300 yards a game who cares they have the league leader in interceptions and forced fumbles and defensive touchdowns and also cutler's 2 minute drill is when he is at his best when cutler calls the plays the play calling he does is great and GIVE the ball to forte more often and bush this team could be undefeated if they had an average offense but they have SOOOO much potential to become a high powered one to in the nfl draft they need to draft OFFENSIVE lineman not another linebacker cause shea mcclelion is a bust but who on that offenesive line can block for 5 seconds none of them cutler is a great qb and he just needs an average offense what he has done witht the team is great i mean look at last year when he didnt have "anyone" no cutler made that team a playoff team 2 years if it werent for a broken thumb injury if some one thinks this team is not good think again

Your knowledge of football is clearly only surpassed by your knowledge of spelling and grammar.

Really, Creighton? Alshon is going to be a fantastic receiver and have a long and prosperous career. Knox caught over 800 yds worth of passes last year. I'm guessing you don't really follow or know anything about football, do you?

I think one of the anonymous entries is from the real Creighton, the one posted at 1:05 P.M. I do not agree with all of the entry and think Hester can still be a powerful force as a receiver, but mostly the entry offers a good anlysis. I am looking forward to seeing what Campbell can do against San Francisco, especially with all the receivers in the game, including Jeffrey.

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