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Tim Jennings feels honored to be NFC defensive player of the month

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Brian Urlacher may not always like playing in the Bears' Cover-2 scheme. But Tim Jennings absolutely loves it.

And, why wouldn't he?

Jennings is starring in it right now. He was named the NFC defensive player of the month on Thursday after recording a league-best four interceptions, one tackle for a loss, 18 tackles and six pass break ups, including two that led to interceptions for teammates.

"I love the Cover 2," Jennings said. " I love the fact that we can mix it up a little bit."

Jennings said more than once that it's an honor to be recognized.

"First four games, first quarter of the season, obviously the team's doing pretty good," Jennings said. "I always take it as an honor to be named defensive player of the month. I take it as an honor. [But I've] gotta keep working [and] try to get another one next month."

Jennings is a key part of a Bears defense which has plenty of standouts through four games to choose from, having forced a league-high 14 takeaways already this season. The Atlanta Falcons have the second most with 12.

"We always emphasize takeaways," Jennings said. "Nothing changed with the mentality that we have. It's just we're making the best of the opportunities now.

"I can't speak highly [enough] of the [defensive] line. One you can get that pressure from the D line and get them going, it makes it a lot easier for us. If you go back to the Lance Briggs interception, Henry Melton got pressure on the quarterback and forced [Tony] Romo into a bad throw and we were in the right place at the right time and he took it for six."

Urlacher called the recognition for Jennings "well deserved," Briggs said Jennings has played "amazing."

"It's the type of player that that he's been working toward," Briggs said. "It's the type of player that he knows he is, that we all know he is."

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If I had to pick two defenders that have really stood out so far through the first quarter of the season, Tim Jennings would obviously be one, and the other would be 3-tech Henry Melton, who might be the leagues best 3-tech. Both players have really come on, which as a Bear fan is really exciting.

If Tim Jennings continues to come on, he's headed to the Pro-Bowl, if so, the Colts gotta be kicking them selves for letting Jennings go back in 2010. Jennings is a really nice fit in the cover-2 scheme, which requires its corners to be able to play the run, but what really stands out about Jennings this season is his ability to play the ball, he's really come on in this aspect of his game. This, along with the defensive line play have made the Bears serious competitors this season, hopefully they can get Green Bay the next time they meet again, this will be the true measuring stick to where the Bears are in the NFC, should be interesting GO BEARS!!

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