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Phil Simms offers his take on Bears QB Jay Cutler

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Another week, another former quarterback turned television analyst offering their take on Bears quarterback Jay Cutler. But unlike Terry Bradshaw, Phil Simms had positive things to say about him.

During last night's "NFL MONDAY QB" show on CBS Sports Network, Simms was asked to choose between Cutler and Detroit Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford. Cutler and Stafford meet on "Monday Night Football" next week.

"I'm going to take Jay Cutler because the guy has a big arm," said Simms, who spent 14 seasons with New York Giants. "I like the fact that he is athletic and can move around. And he is not afraid to take chances. And he does not get to play, he does not have the benefit of playing in one of those pass-heavy offenses where you can put up all of these really fancy numbers, which are not that real. But his are real. And let's come down to this too - and I mean this as a compliment. He's mean. He's an angry guy. And I think angry is a big part of being a quarterback in the NFL."

Former Oakland Raiders quarterback Rich Gannon, though, took Stafford's side.

"After missing 19 starts in his first two seasons, [Stafford] has shown me that he's tough and he's durable," said Gannon, the 2002 NFL most valuable player. "He can bring his team from behind. We saw that again yesterday against Philadelphia. And I think we're talking about a quarterback who is a special player. He threw for over 5,000 yards and 41 touchdowns a season ago. He took the Lions to the playoffs for the first time since 1999."

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Not to go all homer or anything, but has Rich Gannon seen Matt Stafford lately? He was awful this Sunday.

And this sentence speaks for itself: "After missing 19 starts in his first two seasons, [Stafford] has shown me that he's ... durable."

In the words of the great Inigo Montoya: I do not think he knows the meaning of that word.

I've crticized Jay Cutler in the past, I admit it. I have questioned if Jay Cutler is in fact an elite quarterback. He's getting there. In Cutlers past 10 starts the Bears are 9-1, thats awesome. And I don't think its any coincidence after Cutler went down last season that the Bears began to free fall from NFC contenders to basically out of the play-off picture. The QB IS the most important player on offense, Cutler proved that last season, Peyton Manning proved that with the Colts last season, Manning goes down, the Colts have the #1 pick in the draft, also not a coincidence. Bottom line, like or hate Cutler, he's getting the job done here in Chicago. Take away the week 2 matchup vs the Packers, Cutler threw 4 ints and only completed 40.7% of his passes, also the one loss in his past 10 starts, Cutler is having a very good season. Without that game, Cutler has 6 td passes to only 3 ints, and is completing 61.2% of his passes. Cutler does have an elite arm, he's athletic, and he's a leader. For Cutler to get over the hump and become an elite QB he needs to become more consistent as a passer and find a way to beat the Packers GO BEARS!!

I think a lot of the Qb numbers from last year was a fluke...with an full offseason this year...defenses overall look much I don't see 5000 yds 41 td...though I think sttafford is good..but I like cutler...he's had much less to work with in his time n Chicago,not to mention the offensive coordinator situation he's had while n Chicago. And hurray for Simms...Cutler is unfairly portraited on Tv...only bad moments no good ones. Rivers disrespected his head coach on the sideline last night don't hear all the negativity...and bad press on that. It's really not fair a lot happens on the sideline and its all on how tv and analysts want to interpret and explain it...Brady, Manning, Phillip rivers all have moments on the sideline similar to cutler. Also in Bradshaw case he played 30 yrs ago...the relationship between player and coach was much different in his era.

Stafford is a bum! I could throw the ball up for grabs to megatron as well as that overrated loser! Jay Cutler is in the top 5 in the NFL QB's! Bradshaw is jealous and Gannon is blind! Bears will kill Loins!

Hey Bumstead, NOW you like Cutler?? You are a typical fair weather fan!! "Okay, the Bears are 4-1, Jay is 9-1 ......I just love Jay now after ripping him for the last 3 + years.........." PATHETIC!! FAIRWEATHER FAN!! GO AWAY!!

Well, I have to agree with Tripper, Armstead. You've always had it out for Cutler. No matter how bad the line was or his receiving corps was, you'd be the first to blame Cutler. He just wasn't good enough for you until all of a sudden when Phil Simms heaps praise on #6...c'mon, you need Simms to formulate your opinions for you? Because when the legends known as Caleb Hanie and Todd Collins were on the Bears, you couldn't stop singing their praises all by yourself. In fact, didn't you label Collins a "proven winner?"

Cutler is a second level QB, just behind the first level ones of Payton Manning, Drew Brees, and Tom Brady. Eli Manning is somewhere in between, though he might be in the fist level also (the Giants as a whole are so inconsistent I don't know what to make of them, and that affects Manning and so it also includes him). Stafford is maybe a good third level QB, but I don't think he's on Cutler's level at all.

I think anyone commenting on Cutler without making mention of the group of doormen posing as offensive linemen ("right this way mr. Matthews...Mr Cutler is waiting for you..") should not be taken seriously. Also Cutler had to work with 7 step drops when the defenders were in his face by the 6th step. Joe Montana would have trouble being as great as he was with that kind of pressure.

Can Cutler improve? Sure. Can he mature? Of course--but do any of the people commenting remember what being 29 was like? Add to that a major sports market, enormous pressure, and never being told you're anything but terrific all your life and it's a wonder he isn't worse.

As a QB, he is the closest thing to an elite QB we have had in a LONG time. Cut him some slack--his job is to throw touchdowns, not save humanity. And I agree--if he wasn't a bit nasty I don't think he would be as competetive or good.

Jay is a hold your breath Quarterback... I wouldnt like it if he were any different. Every time he steps back with the ball in his hands I hold my breath and am on the edge of my seat. (exspecialy when we need a big play..) If Jay had a top level offensive line he would for sure be the best QB in the NFL! Ofcourse thos is coming from a huge fan that named his youngest Urlacher Chase. One more thing, whats with tickets being so evspensive that hardworking fans cant afford them?! Thats simply wrong...

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