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Nate Collins in; Okoye, Toeaina inactive vs. Panthers

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Wide receiver Alshon Jeffery and defensive tackles Amobi Okoye and Matt Toeaina head the Bears' inactive list for Sunday's game against the Carolina Panthers.

Jeffery is out with a broken hand. With Okoye and Toeaina inactive, defensive tackle Nate Collins is active for the first time this season. Collins was impressive in training camp, but has not been active since coming off the suspended list after Week 1.

The other inactives are wide receiver Dane Sanzenbacher, guard/center Edwin Williams, tight end Brody Eldridge and defensive end Cheta Ozougwu.

With Sanzenbacher and Jeffery inactive, the Bears will have just four wide receivers against the Panthers: Brandon Marshall, Earl Bennett, Devin Hester and special-teamer Eric Weems.

Sherrick McManis, who missed Monday night's game against the Lions with a hip injury, is active. So is Zack Bowman, who took McManis' spot on special teams against the Lions.

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As long as Cuthbert doesn't have a tantrum maybe Da'Bears will put another W up on the board, He's actually looking like the QB He was touted as.

How about Tim Jennings for defensive player of the year!! He's leading the league in picks and is up there in pick 6's!! Julius Peppers had a heck of a game also with his 2 sacks, J-Pep always comes to play.

As far as Nate Collins, he looked solid, same type of player as Okoye, one gap penetrator. As good as the unit is, they need to get off the field more on 3rd downs, that was the main problem today on defense, 3rd down defense. A lot of these 1st and 2nd downs they'd have Carolina stopped, and then allow Cam Newton to complete a 3rd down pass, again, that was killer today.

Now, on offense, Chicago needs to make left tackle priority 1 heading into the off-season, but until then, J'Marcus Webb needs to step up, he was horrible today and almost single handly cost the Bears a win allowing 3 sacks!! Tice should have gave Matt Forte more touches, he was getting some nice runs, but I guess when your down you gotta pass, oh well, good win better than a loss. Chicago keeps finding ways to win and thats all that really matters in the end GO BEARS!!

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