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Jay Cutler says he'll be good to go Sunday vs. Panthers

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Cutler-Suh.jpgBears quarterback Jay Cutler, who suffered bruised ribs and was temporarily knocked out of Monday night's victory over the Detroit Lions when he was sacked by Ndamukong Suh, said he's feeling the effects of the hit but will be ''good to go'' for Sunday's game against the Carolina Panthers at Soldier Field.

''It was a tough hit,'' Cutler said Tuesday on ''The Jay Cutler Show,'' his weekly appearance on ''The Silvy & Waddle Show'' on WMVP-AM. ''He caught me just right. It was an awkward fall more than anything and kind of caught me on his knee and the ball a little bit. I'll be all right.''

Cutler said he does not plan to take any painkillers this week. ''I'm just tight,'' he said. ''Everyday movements I'm all right. We have to throw on Thursday, s it'll be a little bit tight. I'll be good to go by Sunday.''

Though teammate Brandon Marshall said in ESPN's ''First Take'' show on Tuesday morning that he felt the hit by Suh was a dirty play, Cutler reiterated that he did not think Suh crossed the line.

''That [Lions] defense, you know going into it what their intentions are,'' Cutler said. ''They play hard football. They get after the quarterback. They're tough tacklers. That's just who they are.

''I'm not going tot ake anything away from them. I still think it was clean. And [Suh's] a good player. That's what makes him who he is, is playing that way.''

Cutler was 16-of-31 for 150 yards, one touchdown and no interceptions for a 76.0 passer rating against the Lions. He was 9-of-16 for 73 yards and a touchdown (88.8 rating) prior to the Suh hit and 7-of-15 for 77 yards, no touchdowns and no interceptions (62.4) after the Suh hit.

He said he wears protective padding every game and will not do anything different Sunday because of the injury he suffered on Monday night.

''I had 320 pounds slammed on me and the ball. So it's just one of those freak things,'' Cutler said. ''I don't play without some rib protection.''

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Its nice to see a QB take a hit and not whine like some little princess. He just gained some respect from a lot of people in my neighborhood.

Jay Cutler said the right thing, it was a legal hit, once the QB gets outside the pocket he's fare game. Also, if Cutler were to make an issue of the hit, he'd be playing right into what Suh wants, Suh wants Cutler to do this to make himself look tough. By Cutler saying it was a fare hit and no big deal, it takes away from the hit and actually makes Cutler look like the tough guy in this situation, which he is. It was a good hit, but I think it was more how Jay landed that had to do with him going out for a play than anything Suh did. Good game good win now GO BEARS!!

It may have been a legal hit, but I think it was also excessivel. On the other hand, hits like that are what get the fans excited. As in most things, one's personal perceptions and biases determine the perspective. For Bear fans like me, the hit was excessive; for Lion fans, "That's what football is all about."

I asked my BF Kyle Vandenbosch about the hit and he said CUTLER SUCKS!!!!

I was jealous at first, but then, decided to do some sit-ups and make eggs.

You're all fat!!!!!!!!

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