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Jay Cutler says fans recognized offense had a "lousy performance"

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Bears quarterback Jay Cutler admitted on his radio show Monday that offensive players were "a little frustrated" with their performance in a 23-22 victory over the Carolina Panthers.

But on ESPN 1000's Waddle & Silvy Show, Cutler also delicately danced around the latest analysis of his body language and on-field exchanges.

As he was coming off the field Sunday at Soldier Field, cameras captured Cutler muttering what appeared to be an expletive as fans cascaded him and his teammates with boos.

"I think the Chicago fans know it was a lousy performance," Cutler said on ESPN 1000.

In the first half, Cutler was four of nine for 40 yards with one interception and a lost fumble. He also was sacked six times.

"I mean I'd boo us too," Cutler said after Sunday's game. "I told those guys it was a boo-worthy performance, if you will.

"It was pathetic, offensively, what we put out there."

But Cutler stepped up in the fourth quarter, rallying the Bears from a 12-point deficit. He completed 12 of 14 passes for 106 yards with a touchdown in the fourth quarter, bolstering his standing as the league's best quarter in the final 15 minutes of a game.

Still, Cutler wasn't pleased.

He said Monday that offensive players need to do more, including himself.

"It'll take time for the offense to develop," he said. "We're winning games -- defense is keeping us in it."

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The seson is half over, so the offense better develop damned fast. Tennessee should be a chance to get their acts back together after falling apart against Carolina. On the other hand, cutler seems to suck it up and start performing at his best as the game winds down if his team is behind. That's great, but only a fool would count on pulling games out consistently when the offense was playing as poorly as the Bears were.

Wow pAUL did eyou ever tyhink og looking into spell check??? Youre speliing is god awfull.


I don't think the offense is going to get significantly better this year. Tice is a brand new coordinator and the offensive line CAN'T BLOCK. They really can't. Webb is a joke and Carimi is regressing, not improving.

People can bash Cutler all they want. He has a few faults, but at the end of the day, he and Forte are covering up a lot of problems. In the last 17 games, the Bears are 10-1 with Cutler as the starter, 1-5 with him out. They're 10-2 with Forte, 1-4 without. (somebody check those numbers. I think they're right.)

The Bears have arguably the worst tackles in football. As a fan, I don't expect them to be the Cowboys line of the 90s, but I do expect them to play at least average ball.

Playoffs look good - not so sure about much more. Also, I don't expect Jay will return if the issues at OT are addressed. His career is already being shortened by playing for the Bears.

Where have you been, Creighton? You criticize me on my typo on "season" and failing to capitalize "Cutler"? Pretty picky. On the other hand, your purposeful errors are at least amusing. My problem is not spelling.; it's my one finger typing.

i'm more optimistic than you are, estevenj. I think the Bears will get better and hope they do so quickly.I still have hopes for a Super Bowl. How the Bears do against Houston and San Franciso is going to tell us a lot. Green Bay is down right now and have too many injuries to be able to come back.Of course the Bears are better with Cutler and Forte both in the game; they are the first team starting halfback and quarterback. In some ways the defense is in better shape as far as depth is concerned, but losing Peppers or Briggs would still hurt, just not as much as Forte or Cutler. I basically agree with you regarding the offensive line, but they do run-block pretty well at times. They certainly have major issues with pass protection.


Keep in mind that Matt Cassel replaced Tom Brady for a season and the Pats still went 11-5. You know Cassel, right? The guy leading the league in turnovers down in KC? Matt was successful because New England has always had solid blocking on the offensive line and exceptional playcalling at the OC spot.


And I like Tice just fine, BTW. He's just new.

And I'm not saying Jay is as good as Tom Brady, and I know that stat lines don't show everything. But outside of Payton Manning and Aaron Rodgers, I don't think there's a QB more valuable to his team than Cutler.

Jay and Matt (and now Marshall) put a lot of lipstick on that pig of an offense.

Here's to hoping it gets better.

The Bears problems on offense stem from the line but it's not the only problem. Both tackles have been excellent in run blocking but neither can pass block. This means the Bears lack the ability to run a full offense, which is why they are running a minimal offense most of the time. When they try anything past a 3 step defenses attack with great sucess and the offense turtles. Because they can't block much the offense lacks timing and Tice is limited in what he can call. Intresting enough the interior has been decent at pass pro, but gets zero push in the run game. Which is why the Bears spend so much time running the ball outside.

Then you have the Tight Ends, neither are reliable at catching the ball and running routs Davis has made a couple of good plays this year but on the whole he has been pretty bad. They also spend a lot of time blocking and helping the line, but that does not help your passing game.

If you look at the receivers everyone thought Marshall would fix all their problems. While he does help they do not have a reliable 2nd or 3rd option. Jeffery was a big loss as he seemed to be building his chemistry with Cutler. But even so he is a rookie and he does not run very many routs. Bennett on the other hand is an over hyped mediocre player. He does not score very often, he seems to be injured a lot, and has problems getting open which is why he does not get the ball as often as you would think for a guy with such good hands.

The final problem is a sum of the parts, they can't pass block edge rushers, they lack a true number 2 and depth at receiver, and they have no other legit scoring threat outside of Marshall. Hester can make a big play on a rare occassion, bit has no consistancy, the Tight Ends are just bad in the passing game, and Forte has may get you some yards he has never scored that much. Marshall would be having a monster year if he had a legit number 2 across from him. But without the ability to block the edge and only one legit scoring option the Bears offense is just to easy to shut down. It's just not put together very well and eventually that will catch up with them. It's not hard for a good defense to shut down one receiver and with Forte taking the bulk of his carries off tackle or end they are also predictable. When Forte comes out you know they are going to try and run it up the middle.

Also Forte is not really having a great year, his numbers look decent but the tackles and Tight Ends have been doing a lot for. Last year he was among the top 5 in the league at making people miss. This year he is not even close with only 9 missed tackles forced, last year he was in the 20's at this point in the season.

It's just not a very good offense, it was not put together with a lot of thought and it lacks the parts it needs to really work. Oh and the Cards have the worst tackles in football by a mile this year. Bears tackles are in the bottom 5 though in terms of pass blocking. The team could also do with an upgrade over Garza who is a nice guy, great teamate, and smart player. But a center who can't run block, that's just disturbing. He can't really pass block much either. If the Bears were running a full offense this line would look even worse, a lot worse. On pace for 50 sacks again and that is with them running the retro look Ron Turner offense. How very hipsterish of Tice.

You can micro analyze all you want. I don't disagree with you on any particular point. However, the fact remains, if the offensive line can't provide consistent blocking - and is arguably one of the worst units in the league - the Bears are limited from a playcalling and execution standpoint..

That's it. There's no argument.

I believe Cutler, Forte, and Tice can improve. HOWEVER, their ceiling is limited by how many seconds the line can give them each play.

So far - it doesn't look good.

Anonymous sounds a lot like Creighton at his best, when he forgets about his petty gripes. I cannot disagree with the analysis , but perhaps it is a bit gloomier than necessary. i could not agree more about Garza.Even so, the Bears are still six and one and will very likely be seven and one next week. Then things can get a lot more difficult, so I hope they work out at least some of their problems . The offensive line is clearly still a major work in progress. Think what an impact an o-line that gave Cutler plenty of time and opened holes regularly for Forte would do. Maybe Tice's input will make some silk purses out of the present sows' ears. One can always hope.

I agree on most points - except Bennett. He has great hands and gets injured because he works the slot a little too recklessly. He took a helmet to the chest last year, dude. That could have killed him.

The Cards OTs are terrible, but it's also hard to measure them because Kolb has always had tendencies to roll right ON ALMOST EVERY PLAY - and Skelton just sucks.

The Bears line is extremely bad, though. I dunno which is worse.

On them only running a partial offense - that was what I was trying to communicate to Manter. The Bears will always be limited with what they can do on offense because they can't pass protect. Limited playbook, limited options for Jay, Brandon, Forte, everybody.

Limitations on the offensive line trickle down and will limit progress and improvement for everyone else.

I hear people say "well, they protected Jay in the 4th quarter." Yeah, right. Carolina was playing quarters and rushing 3-4 only on almost every play. Even with heavy coverage at the second level, Jay, Marshall, Bennet, and Davis sliced right through the secondary.

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