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Jay Cutler fully participates in practice Thursday

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Maybe Jay Cutler is really tough or his ribs aren't as bruised and battered as first thought. Either way, it was a good sign that the Bears quarterback fully participated in practice on Thursday.

And it was a full practice for the Bears.

Cutler said Wednesday during his weekly press conference that he thought his ribs would be fine and "cleared up" by Sunday's game against the Carolina Panthers.

"I feel good, [but] sore," Cutler said two days after getting yanked to the ground by his arm by Detroit Lions brute Ndamukong Suh and landing awkwardly on the football.

On Wednesday, the Bears' injury report indicated that Cutler would have likely been limited in practice had there been one to partake in for him.


Cutler said he doesn't plan on changing his usual equipment to protect his ribs.

"I'll wear the same things I always wear," he said. "I've always played with some rib pads, so I'll continue to wear those."

Cutler did say he considers himself lucky that he didn't get hurt worse than he did on Monday night. He was hurt in the second quarter, but returned for the second half.

"It was awkward," Cutler said. "I kind of got bent over his knee a little bit. Just one of those [where] you want to try and stay away from those as much as possible."

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Each individual person is different in how they heal from a rib injury like what Jay Cutler got monday night, also on how much pain a person can endure differs from person to person. My hope is that the rib soreness does not hinder Jay Cutlers ability as a passer like it did in the second half of the monday nighter vs Detriot. Its a good sign that Cutler fully participated in practice, we'll see sunday how it all plays out. My hats off to Cutler for playing hurt.

With that being said, the running game needs to produce sunday, the good, they have been as of late, especially Matt Forte who had a 100 yarder a week ago vs the Jags and almost had another 100 yarder (96 yds) vs the Lions stout defense monday night. You gotta like the run blocking up front on Chicago's offensive line to, players like Lance Louis and Gabe Carimi seem to take joy in straight up going after a guys head. Another player with this mentality is newcomer Chilo Rachal, the 6-5 323lb guard seems to be making a difference in the run game, if these guys continue to come on as runblockers it will go a long way in the coming months in the cold and help in Chicago's push for a run at a Super Bowl. This is a pass happy league, but I still think good defense and a effective running game are still the key to winning in the second half of an NFL season GO BEARS!!

Guys like Suh need to be banned from the NFL. They would be better off doing all star wrestling or cage matches where they can be matched up against guys their own size and pounded accordingly. This guy is a dweeb.

This is the best news of the week. Even with a better back-up by far than last year's fiascos, the Bears' chances of going to the playoffs and then the Super Bowl hing greatly on a healthy Cutler and Marshall. Other injuries could hurt, but not as much as one to either of these two.

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