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Brandon Marshall determined to change stigma of Borderline Personality Disorder

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Before he was introduced Tuesday night at his charity event, Brandon Marshall had a video played featuring prominent sports personalities Warren Sapp of NFL Network and Stephen A. Smith of ESPN.

In the clips, Sapp calls Marshall a "retard" and Smith says that Marshall has multiple personalities.

Marshall has been clinically diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder, which affects at least 14 million in the United States.

"Our goal is to break these stigmas," Marshall told the crowd at Lucky Strike. "Borderline Personality Disorder is the most stigmatized disorder. I think it's a shame.

"If we raise awareness, we will see a change in our communities and in our lives."

The fundraiser Tuesday night was for Project Borderline, Marshall's non-profit. Teammates Jay Cutler, Brian Urlacher, Devin Hester, Johnny Knox and Israel Idonije were showed up, along with other sports celebrities like Gale Sayers and Dan Hampton.

"I was supposed to go to the Bieber concert tonight," Urlacher jokingly said. "He does a good job in the community. It's a good cause, and it's Brandon."

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Nobody understands the trauma of lliving a life as a borderline. So much of miy life has been torn to shreds by my volatility and iimpulsivity. The best treatment I have received is DBT with a support group with others similarly afflicted. It was wonderfsl to have others who understand what one is facing daily.

The stigma of having Borderline Personality Disorder cannot be understated. Like Margaret, my life too has been shredded by this condition. And the only hope was found, after many awful years and misdiagnoses, in Marsha Linehan's DBT. What Brandon Marshall is doing is so meaningful and inspiring to those of us with this awful disorder.

Thank you, Brandon.

Brandon Marshall is really doing great things on and off the field these days. Let's hope he keeps on the straight and narrow. Thanks Sean for sharing this and best of luck to Margaret and Wendy.

Borderline Personality disorder is now completely curable. The root cause is a simple human pheromone deficiency which is easily and permanently remediable. Nicholson Science will supply enough pheromone to cure anyone of borderline personality disorder free of any charge. Contact NicholsonScience at hotmail dot com and provide a shipping address. First come first serve.

Human pheromone is an odorless, colorless, tasteless mixture of more than 735 different alcohols, esters, free fatty acids, and cholesterols. The pheromone is from the facial skin of healthy adult male donors. It is hypoallergenic, but please tell us if you suffer any allergy to spearmint, sugarless, chewing gum. Providing pheromone on a fresh, new, un-chewed chewing gum vehicle has minimal risk, suggesting that ordinary behavior (kissing the cheek of one's father say) entails the same or greater risk. The gum is illuminated with UV light to sterilize both surfaces. The gum itself from the store has preservatives that kill germs, too, reducing risk of infection. There may be other risks of which we are not yet aware. Not for use if you are currently pregnant, or might be pregnant, or nursing a baby (to avoid potential human Bruce Effect).

Raising awareness is a crucial part of contending with BPD. People who have it have many obstacles in front of them, with the negative effects of the disorder itself being only one. I had no explanation for the problems I was having, and as an outwardly competent and intelligent person, I was incessantly blamed, the same as Marshall. After the long road to discovering my problem, I then learned the shocking reality of how medical professionals discriminate against people with BPD. And, as I saw happen to Brandon, people accuse you of using or inventing a mental illness as an excuse for your actions. Social stigma turns into ostracizing and understanding (and treatment) can be denied in the cruellest ways imaginable. Worse yet is the rampant misinformation and poisonous rhetoric about BPD proliferated on the Internet. A great example is right here on this board, the claim of cure written below, which is nonsense of the highest order. Having someone like Brandon stand up for the truth and use himself as an example so admirably will do much for all of us. There might not be anything more difficult than defying and transcending a label like the one that was attached to him. As a person who cared nothing for NFL football a year ago I laugh at myself being glued to Bears games, overcome with emotion as he proves everyone wrong.

Does anybody want to be cured of this illness? It's really easy for me to help anyone in need here.

BPD is not curable and it upsets me to see someone (bubba) say that it is. Where are your facts and has this wonder drug been evaluated yet? Way to go brandon on helping to help the stigma that BPD has. I have been also trying to help the cause through my page. I know exactly what it is like to be called a monster.

I agree bubba works for that place according to his last name. and the way he explained how to cure it makes no sense to me.

Actually BPD IS "curable" just not with drugs. That Pierson has seen something beyond fantasy and posted it. However, the latest research is finding that people are being "cured" by such wonderful treatments as DBT. I personally also have BPD, and my sister in law is doing a doctoral research project on the topic. With support and proper diagnosis and treatment therapies, we can move towards being "cured". There will always be traits that flare up, but we can get better. I am going back into dbt in a few weeks, it's the most helpful in terms of controlling myself and learning to function in public. Although i think i will always prefer to run home and hide when thighs get beyond my ability to deal with. For those who still struggle more than myself, i realty honestly feel your pain, and my most positive thoughts are with you. Stay strong and stay together, we can get through this.

BPD deserves its stigma, and I say that with all due respect. These people ruin other people's lives. Had a BPD girlfriend who lied about a man raping her and twice accused me of being part of his "getting away with it." Do you have any idea what that does to a normal, caring person such as myself? And to find out there was no rape? People with BPD are dangerous and if they are not cured they should be kept in custody so they can't ruin people's lives.

Jonathan, unfortunately you're right. Borderlines destroy people, particularly people who love them. They don't just tear their own life to shreds, they do it to others. II hope Brandon's charity encourages those who suffer from BPD to not be ashamed, and to get help. I hope his organization brings awareness to those who have been hurt by a partner, family member, or friend with BDP.

Ok Jonathon Im 30 years old lived a life of abuse and intense self hatred. Ive never harmed anyone but myself. I also served our country in the US Army Infantry 101st Airborne Air Assault. As a 26 year old man, a machinegunner I was in fact sexually assaulted and then spit out by the government. What Ive been through since 2011 has been hell and finally two weeks ago I was diagnosed with BPD. I have done nothing but give all the love Ive got to people, I served because I wanted to help and Ive never once loved myself and the people that care about me love me to shreds. I want to call you out to come try and lock me up, come say that to my face man to man. Im not violent I dont want to fight and Im so sorry you bad a relationship with someone suffering from BPD, I have too. Please come say this to my face so I can shake your hand and say I forgive you and your ignorance. I set up an email so you can see the face of someone who has lived with this, not hurt anyone and is going to get help and continue to love others and hopefully myself. I want no pity for I am strong and will get through this. This pity goes to your bs opinion.

Spc Mick

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