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Bears release Chris Williams, re-sign Zack Bowman

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The Bears officially parted ways with offensive tackle/guard Chris Williams -- the 14th overall selection in the 2008 draft -- on Tuesday.

The Bears announced that they terminated Williams' contract, while re-signing cornerback Zack Bowman, who was released by the Minnesota Vikings before the season.

Williams started out with a lot of promise, but will go down as another first-round bust for former general manager Jerry Angelo. Williams started 38 of 50 games over five seasons with the Bears, but this year became a reserve and eventually a healthy scratch.

Williams appeared in three games with no starts for the Bears this season. Prior to this year, Williams started 20 games at left guard, 11 at right tackle and seven at left tackle.

Coach Lovie Smith was asked about Williams a day before he was released.

"Just like all of our players, you'll have different roles during the course of the year," Smith said. "Chris realizes that. He's coming to work everyday just like the rest of our team is."

Bowman played with the Bears from 2008-2011, starting 16 of 46 games over those four seasons. He had 117 tackles, seven interceptions, two forced fumbles and two fumble recoveries (including one for a touchdown).

Bowman should help the Bears out on special teams. He had 22 special teams tackles in his first stint with the Bears.

The Bears also announced that they terminated the practice-squad contract of defensive end Aston Whiteside.

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J'Marcus is next.
He better be because, like Williams, he will NOT be getting any better.
He's a big part of the Jerry Angelo stink this team needs to get rid of.

Webb isn't going anywhere, at least not this season. He's the starting LT and is showing some signs of improvement. Not that he's good, don't get me wrong, but they're going to give him the rest of the season.

I'm surprised at the Williams move, to a certain extent, given he was fighting for a starting LT job in the preseason. How can he have fallen so far, and below Scott, who is not a highly rated T, according to PFF? He played decently at G last year, though I guess we have a glut of guards right now. But with Scott as the swing T, is this really a good backup plan?

This is HORRIBLE!!!! You don't release Pro Bowl talent like Chris Williams!! What is wrong with Phil Emery? We need Jerry Angelo back. The Bears are falling apart just like the Cubs did after they got rid of the Great Jim Hendry. And then Emery releases the All-Pro Aston "The Terminator" Whiteside? What is Emery thinking?! Talk about knucklehead move.

Oh well, at least Obama kicked Romney's butt in the debate tonight. Now, THERE is a Bumstead winner!

Long overdue. This is what people mean when they say addition by subtraction.

Somewhere out there in Chicagoland, Creighton is wearing a smile on his face while Kevin Armstead is crying himself to sleep.

Chris Williams was a total bust, no doubt about that. But how is this addition by subtraction? I don't see how having him on the bench or inactive hurt the team, and it's not like they got someone useful in his stead. Bowman might make a few special teams tackles, but I don't see him impacting any games.

Fine. Now let's see Emery get some good linemen. Getting rid of bad players is a start, but you have to replace them with good ones in order to become a good team. More specifically, you have to replace bad linemen with good ones in order to have a good line. The Bears already appear to have a good team this season, as long as their offensive line doesn't ruin things.

Mike, how am I crying myself to sleep? The Bears are 4-1. Yeah, Williams was a player I was big on, I admit it, he's now a bust. I didn't see Chris Williams with the team next year. Newly signed Jonathan Scott beat out Williams for the #3 tackle spot and must have made Williams expendable. Again, whats the big deal? No more of a big deal as when the Bears let your boy Danieal Manning walk and replaced him with a much better option in both Major Wright and Chris Conte right? Tongue tied, don't worry Mikey, its the internet, you'll have time to think of a good (well to you) comeback.

Oh, and Mike, as for the election, I could care less, I'll just let the electoral college decide who the winner is. Oh well GO BEARS!!

Sorry, I never really spoke highly of Danieal Manning. If anything I said what the majority of people on here said: great athlete, bad instincts and awareness. Go ahead and find one of my posts saying anything to the contrary though, since he's my boy and all. C'mon, prove it.

As for this: "Oh, and Mike, as for the election, I could care less, I'll just let the electoral college decide who the winner is."

Now, I didn't mention anything about the election in my post, but do you realize how pathetic you sound here admitting you don't care about the election?

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