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Bears' Jay Cutler likes being an edgy QB, and proves it

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Jay Cutler (smiling presser).jpgIt's not easy being Jay Cutler.

The Bears quarterback struggles with the attention he gets. Cutler generally doesn't like speaking publicly, bristles at tired subjects and abhors questions about his demeanor, criticism of his demeanor or anything that dares him to reveal what it is that makes him tick.

The perfect storm ensued before a full house at the Halas Hall media room Thursday in anticipation of a Monday Night Football game against the division rival Detroit Lions. It didn't take long for Cutler to reach his limit. And, truth be told, he wasn't alone.

Reporter: ''Do you care about people psycho-analyzing you, are you tired of it?''

Cutler: ''Like who?''

Reporter: ''Like Phil Simms said you're mean.''

Cutler: ''He said more than that. You take things out of context. That's the problem.''

Reporter: ''But do you like what Simms said, that being angry is a big part of being a quarterback in the NFL?''

Cutler: ''I think you have to have a certain edge
out there as quarterback. I'm not going to take that away from what he said. Everyone has got an opinion. It is what it is. That's the world we live in. That's why you guys are all in the this room. That's why you guys get paid to do your job, is to have opinions. And they are opinions. They're not facts.''

Reporter: But were some of Terry Bradshaw's [more critical] comments over the line?

Cutler: "Some are personal. Some aren't. Like I said, everyone is going to have opinions. I can't internally process each and every one of them. I've got to worry about trying to win games on Sunday and the guys in my locker room.

Reporter: But you said [in the Sun-Times earlier this week] that Bradshaw's comments kind of hurt...''

Cutler: ''I'm not going to get into this. It's not going to happen. So anything else about Detroit? No. All right.''

And with that, yet another Cutler press conference ended on an awkward note. No harm, no foul on this one. That's Jay being Jay. And the media being the media. The Bears haven't played in nearly two weeks. We need a game as badly as he does.

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Once again the media trying to make something out of comments Cutler should not have to deal with. When will the media accept responsibility for their role in these things? Anyone, and I mean anyone, has a tipping point and the media constantly tries to find it in these situations. What sells more papers/articles or gets more viewers to the newscast--a calm QB answering the same questions every time or the QB pushed over the edge, blowing up?

Cutler answered the question as he should. I am a HUGE Bradshaw fan from his playing days, but he has no right to preach to Cutler in public. It's not his right, nobody on the Bears asked for his opinion, and what he says is exactly what Cutler said--it is Bradshaw's opinion. I get that Bradshaw is paid to run his mouth, but if he truly cared he would pick up a phone and offer Cutler some guidance or ask him why he does what he does--so he would understand--in private. But it is easier to get on national TV and run your mouth, and because you are a sports legend who played the same position (albeit in a completely different situation decades ago) what you say is taken as gospel. How is that fair?

Think of it this way: at your job, do you have somebody following you around, asking your thoughts on what somebody said in critique of your work? And then keep doing it? Constantly trying to stir the pot, hoping you will blow up? No, you probably don't--and neither do I; if they did I would likely do more than snap at them. The guy isn't torturing dogs or raping women--he is trying to do his job. The media should show some respect and let this go.

Loved it.

I grow weary of the mass opinion in sports news today. Most of the sports journalists should really be talking about the game.

Don't get me wrong, it's definitely nice to add a human element to the stories, but at this point, they're just baiting Jay. It's shameless - and tiresome - and doesn't make me want to listen to the radio shows or read the newspapers or blogs.

I stopped listening to Mike and Mike on ESPN radio for that very reason. And the fans don't really want to hear about it. An ESPN poll shows close to 90% of the readers/listeners/watchers are tired of hearing about Jay Cutler's perceived demeanor.

I get that people need to sell papers and hits, but really, come on now.

Reporters trying to stir up controversy are disgusting. To "psychoanalyze" them a bit, do they think that harassing sports stars makes them stars? It does not. In fact, it makes them seem very small-minded, lacking knowledge of the game, and pathetically trivial in general.

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