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With Matt Forte injured, Bears sign RB Kahlil Bell

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Kahlil Bell.jpgAs expected, the Bears re-signed running back Kahlil Bell in anticipation of Matt Forte missing extended time after suffering a sprained ankle in Thursday night's 23-10 loss to the Green Bay Packers.

''I'm taking my talents back to Chicago. So happy to be back,'' Bell tweeted Saturday. "Never wanted to leave."

Forte reportedly suffered a high ankle sprain when he was tackled by Charles Woodson on a 15-yard pass play and could miss 2-6 weeks if that is the case. That the Bears signed Bell so quickly indicates Forte could be out awhile. But the Bears have not confirmed anything regarding his injury, as is their policy.

Bell played with the Bears the past four seasons, including three starts in 2011. But he was cut prior to the third preseason game against the New York Giants after he refused to take a pay cut from the $1.26 million he was to receive in 2012. He cleared waivers but had not been signed by any other NFL team before the Bears called.

Bell rushed for 337 yards on 79 carries (4.3 yards per carry) last season, including 121 yards on 23 carries against the Packers at Lambeau Field. He also had 133 yards on 19 receptions, including a 25-yard touchdown against the Seahawks.

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After seeing Armando Allen getting armed tackled vs the Pack thursday night like he was a jr high runner going against a varsity defense, yeah, Kahlil Bell was needed back. Especially if Matt Forte is gonna be down for 2-6 weeks.

Kahlil Bell is a solid runner with some ability to catch out of the backfield, he just needs to learn how to hold onto the ball. I think thats a major reason nobody signed him.

Michale Bush will be your main ball carrier getting spelled by Bell. Bush isn't a threat to break a big run like Forte, but is a beast between the tackles and can wear a defense down. Nice signing by Emery in the off season, without Bush right now, Chicago would be hurting. Should be interesting GO BEARS!!

Oh my what fntastic news! I am so, so thrilled that in the last few minutes I over did it and got drunk on rootbeer and gummy bears! Kahlil Bell is agreat start to getting thois team back to the greatness Jerry Angelo (best GM ever) had in mind but there is still much work to do fellow Bumsteaders!

Here is my well thought out top ten list of who the Bears should bring back! Go Bumstead! Boom!

1.) Frank "The Tank" Omiyale

2.) Garrett "Violent Earth Mover" Wolfe

3.) Danny LeFevour

4.) Aaron brant

5. )Airese Curie


7.) Dusty Dvoracek!! Double D all the way!!

8.) Adam "Arch Deluxe" Archuleta!

9.) Al Afalavavavavavavavava!!

10.) And the number ten spot goes too...Gaines Adams! Put him on the field and he will be just as effective as he was in 2009!

So there you have it Busteadaholics now common, do the Bumstead! Wooh! Oh my this root beer is making my head spin but I LOVE IT!!

They can bring in Jim Brown, the ghost of Walter Payton, Barry Sanders, etc. etc. but with that horrific O-Line, it doesn't matter who they bring in.
How about bringing in a brand new coaching staff! Lovies' #1 goal was to beat Green Bay and he is NOT doing his job! FIRE HIM!!

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