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Practice squad is set

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The Bears announced eight players signed to the practice squad on Saturday afternoon. Running backs Armando Allen and Harvey Unga were added, along with tackles Cory Brandon and James Brown. Also signed were receiver Joe Anderson, quarterback Matt Blanchard, cornerback Isaiah Frey and defensive end Aston Whiteside.

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Alright who does Harvey Unga have comprimising pictures of? He couldn't even beat out Tyler Putts, who the Bears dumped to the Texans because they don't use a Fullback. He is always excused from one thing or another, like Camp, has literally done zero for the Bears. Got a 4 year contract in 2010, didn't make the team. The Bears got a roster exemption for him in 2011 because he had left the team twice. Was placed on the reserve squad in 2011, in April of this year he gets reinstated, then they waive him, but once again keep him around.

They don't even use a Fullback. he comes and goes as he pleases, does not ever play, not even in preseason, does not show up to camp. when he does he usually leaves, and somehow, some way he makes the practice squad. He is sleeping with Virginia right?

What, no LB's? This team is clueless, just like little c! RESPECT!

He took all that time off to be with his wife and their newborn child - he left the squad twice, as I recall, to help out around the house at that time, though, as I recall, new papas are totally irrelevant then. Guess they were bonding. It's the new way. I would have been fired. Mean to tell me he is the only guy whose wife has ever had a child during the pre-season when papa is competing for a job? Maybe, just maybe, you could take 1-2 days off, but he took weeks, more than once. Just another cultural difference, I guess. What if his second born is delivered the morning of a playoff game and he is on the roster? Will he go home to stand in the shadows like the village idiot again? Is that what fathers are supposed to do? Do his coos need to be added to the chorus from the aunties and girl friends?

Lots of players have kids, I don't recall any of them missing as much time as him. Jay just jad a kid during camp, what did he miss 2 days? Look just tell me how to get a 6 figure job on the practice squad for the Bears after doing a total of zero. I mean it's one thing to at least be in camp. But Unga does not even do that, he is not even competing for a job, he doesn't even have to show up. They are paying him to do nothing. They don't even use his position anymore, they can't even find a spot for him on special teams after three years and he comes and goes as he pleases.

No, he's got photos of someone. Maybe a hostage, Either way the guys dirty, and he's got to go down.

Yes, keeping him does seem strange, but I'm not really into consiracy theories. Maybe the coaching staff see him as a terrific pass protection guy if injuries to the tight ends start to build up.He has not shown that capacity to date, but ther is surely some reason to keep hom other than the blackmail scenario.

I completely agree with Unga. He's got a video or pictures of someone. I would have liked to have seen the WR from Liberty make the squad. I don't know if he was picked up or not.

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