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Henry Melton makes sizeable dent toward double-digit sack goal

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Last season, Bears defensive tackle Henry Melton finished among the league leaders in sacks at his position.

But his seven sacks didn't meet his expectations.

"I wanted to go for double digits in my sacks. That's just a personal goal," Melton said. "But, if I get double digits, it means the defense is really thriving off of me."

Melton started this season as he did the last: with two sacks. But, he and the Bears are hopeful that he has better encore performances. Last season, after two sacks against the Atlanta Falcons in the opener, Melton had just one in the next seven games.

Against the Indianapolis Colts Sunday, Melton posted two sacks and also had three tackles for loss, a dominant performance. If not for a two-interception game from Tim Jennings, Melton would have been the clear-cut defensive MVP.

But the Bears have little time to celebrate or rest with Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers coming up on Thursday night.

One thing the Bears could have done better against Colts rookie quarterback Andrew Luck was allowing him to step up in the pocket.

"We're going to try and get that right for Aaron," Melton said.

That would be smart; Rodgers is one of the most savvy and talented quarterbacks in the NFL. And while Luck has plenty of upside, he's not nearly at the level Rodgers is right now.
Melton Luck.jpg
The Bears will need Melton to keep being an impact player. But, the strength of the offense could help him.

The Bears offense, with a bunch of additions during the offseason, scored 41 points against the Colts.

"We like to pass rush. We like to make the team one-dimensional, [make them] try to play catch up," Melton said. "That makes it easier on us. It makes it more fun to play."

The key for Melton will be to stay fresh throughout the season, especially since he's on the lighter end of his position, weighing 295 pounds.

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Wow my partner and I havent stopped dancing to that since we heard it at a club in Wrigleyville. Good stuff.

Now about the Bears I think I have see enough to no this isnt a playoof team. The Colts are bottom feeders with garbage for their offensve line plus they lost Frreeney early. Also no lie I played as the Bears online in madden and got my *** kicked agaoin and agian. This team is a joke and will be lucky to finish 8-8.

Melton is as bad as he ever was and like I said the Colts line was bad anyone could have gotten those sacks. Toenia was even worse and ahahaha donut even get me started on that first round megabust McClkelin. Also on defense Jennings was lucky to get those intercepotions sense the ball was overthrown. Any other qb and that would have been too touchdowns insted. Check PFF they will say i'm right like allways.

ANyway get out of my way. I feel like DANCING!!! :)

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Wow this song is so hot. Wow, tsst!

Henry Melton did play a heck of a game yesterday, 2 sacks is impressive, especially for a defensive tackle. And then to have 3 tackles for loss on top of the 2 sacks, thats very defensive player of the game like. I see even Andrew Luck noticed Meltons play, obviously, but he mentioned Melton's name during his post game interview. Last season the one knock on Melton was his run stopping or lack there of, yesterday, he looked as good vs the run as he is vs the pass. I'd love to see Melton hit double degit sacks this season, if he does, he'll be in the Pro Bowl.

As for the Packers, they don't seem to have much of a running game if yesterdays game is any indication. Stopping Aaron Rodgers is no easy task, but if Chicago can force him to throw 45-50 times like the 49ers did, he'll throw his share of picks, especially if Melton, Peppers and the rest of the "Rush Men" can get after him GO BEARS!!

Is it possible that after lo, these many years, the Bears actually have a pass rush?
I'm not totally convinced, but the signs look promising. By the way ,Kevin , the Bears should keep in mind that Benson may have a big chip on his shoulder and play over his head against them. I personally hope he averages half a yard per carry on fifty of them.

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