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Four Downs: 4 things to watch Bears-Rams

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tice_carimi_08-13_640x360_2266990418.jpgWhat to watch for - Rams at Bears:

1. Keep it simple, stupid - Mike Tice is a good offensive coordinator, but got caught up trying to re-invent the wheel last Thursday in Green Bay. The offensive line has problems protecting against the pass rush? Get them in the game early with the ground game first. Tice's play-calling was too cute against the Packers, especially in the first quarter.

2. Stay away from dirty waters - Cortland Finnegan wants to be considered the "Dirtiest Player in the League.'' He said so after the 2010 season when Hines Ward was given that distinction. Bears receivers have to stay away from getting caught up in his antics. At least until the game is well in hand.

3. Don't believe the hype - Sam Bradford has played well through the first two games, but that's because he been given the chance to be comfortable. The Bears pass rush won't allow that, especially against a banged up offensive line. The real Bradford will show himself today, and it will be ugly.

4.You will love him again - Look for Jay Cutler to have a big game and all will be forgiven. That's what Chicago fans do.

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Will, they ran the ball a bit more, but not that successfully. Either Evan Rodriguez's injury really hurt them, or the line just gets no push up the middle. Cutler and the receivers looked out of sync (again) for most of the game, and Cutler's footwork was sketchy once again. The defense carried the day for the Bears, and right now that D is no joke. Unfortunately the offense is right no - They seriously need to gel, and this o-line is still weak.

Wow, I cant beleave my mom woke me up at noon to watch this garbage. That's way too early Ieven the mail man doesn't come to the house until like 3pm when he delivers my swelfare check. Boring game, zero highlights and this team looking just like a I sais they would. This is not a playoof team but ver fyar from it. WHat a joke watching the Bears play like that wow their lucky St. louis is one of teh wost teams I have ever seen in the last decade. Watch tehm play the Packers or Detroit or even Dallas next week and they re going to get crushed.

The Dallas game should be most interesting. Romo is a bit more of a challenge for the Bear line than St. Louis offered. Cutler, Marshall ,et al had best be considerably better next Monday. At least they have an extra day to get healthy and eliminate some of the lapse of this week's game. With the Packers' ridiculous loss last night, Minnesota and the Bears are at least sitting well in their Division. I always like it when the media pronosticaters pick the wrong winners,unless the Bears are involved. I had actually picked the Seahawks to win, but in all honesty, they should not have done so.Go Bears! Lose Packers and Vikings!

While the final play should not have gone in favor of the Seahawks, I thought they played well enough to win. 9 sacks, holding the Pack to 1 TD...usually that kind of performance is good enough to win, but both teams let it come down to 'official' determination.

Bears should be able to give the Cowboys fits when the Boys have the ball. The push our DL is getting should be dominant against a weak interior OL. Peppers should be able to press Tyron Smith a lot. Where I have my concerns is the secondary of the Cowboys. Marshall should be able to beat either Carr or Claiborne, but none of our other receivers are capable of getting open on those guys. The Cowboys LBs are dynamic, and capable of covering our TEs while allowing the safeties to roll coverage to Marshall. Bush will need to have a big game to keep us in it, and Webb will need to realize that potential all at once, or Ware will be on Cutler 5 times....

I have to at least partially agree, Joe. Still, the second half the Packers clearly dominated ad showed why they are rated so high. The adjustments they made worked big time. Only the flukes at the end of the game le them get beaten. Monday should be a solid, hard-hitting game, and keeping Cutler from getting rushed, crushed, or sacked is the key. He can beat virtually any coverage if he has enough time, but then again, that's true of almost every NFL quarterback.

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