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Brian Urlacher completes practice Monday without incident

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Brian Urlacher declined comment after he finished practice Monday afternoon.

But, a teammate playfully said, "He's back."

Returning to practice for the first time since July 31, Urlacher completed the two-hour session without any issues. He walked off in good spirits, with a smile on his face, alongside fellow linebacker Blake Costanzo. As he neared the edge of the field, Lance Briggs asked him a question, and Urlacher turned around to reply.

"He had a good first day back," Bears coach Lovie Smith said. "He's got to get in shape; I'm sure he'll tell you that and a few other things like that.

"Didn't have any trouble with him today, so he's back on schedule."

The most famous left knee in Chicago seemed to hold up fine, at least for one day. The players are off Tuesday -- although players who aren't 100 percent sometimes visit with trainers -- then they return to practice on Wednesday, when they start, in earnest, their preparation for the Sept. 9 opener against the Indianapolis Colts.

On Monday, though, the Bears didn't wear pads, but players were sweating heavily, as they walked off the field.

"He did everything we asked him to do," Smith said. "You forgot that he's been out. We've seen No. 54. When we're playing, 54's out there for so long, so today was just back to the normal routine as much as anything."

Added cornerback Charles Tillman, "Just his presence helps."

"He's been here so long, you do miss him when he's out there," Tillman said.

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Howdy y'all!

Feels like an eternity, and this was a great summer, but boy is it good to have Bears football back.

I agree with Peanut that just having Urlacher out there helps with morale. He's the leader and face of the franchise after all. In '07 we all thought Urlacher's arthritic back would slow him down and shelve him for good, but he overcame that and played some good to outstanding football in the years that followed. I only hope he can do that again with his banged up knee.

SEAN: thanks for reporting Smith's and Tillman's impressions of Urlacher's return. Nice to know what they have to say about things. Lovie is more open than people give him credit for. He just speaks thoughtfully - like you. Most of the bloggers on this site don't know what that means, regrettably.

I'm down. Peanut and Urlacher are great Bears.

Oh Shiznits! Mike is back. You going to try and get along with Gearhead and Kevin this year? Ha! kidding, it will never happen. Gearheads already already come out swinging.

Then again how do I know it's really you Mike?

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