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Brandon Marshall would have a problem if Jay Cutler were not fiery

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With the possible exception of Earl Bennett, Brandon Marshall probably knows Bears quarterback Jay Cutler better than anyone else at Halas Hall.

And that's why Marshall insisted he doesn't want Cutler to change.

"Whenever you get outside of yourself, I think that's when you create problems. That's something I learned in my own personal life. You have to be who you are. So when Jay is not fiery, that's when I'm going to have a problem. I'm going to want to play with a different quarterback," Marshall said. "That's the reason I wanted to be here, that's the guy I wanted to play for.

"We have to be productive, we have to make sure we're communicating the right way, I'm sure there are things that we need to change, but that's the guy I want to play for. I can go back to our second year in the league when he comes in the huddle and he tells us, 'Hey, we're going to go down 90 yards against San Diego and we're going to score, and we're going to go for two for the win.' That's the guy I want to play for and I'm glad to have him.''
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Marshall noted that he's not -- and not trying to be like -- Larry Fitzgerald or Andre Johnson.

Everyone is different," Marshall said.

NFL Network captured Cutler encouraging Marshall after they couldn't connect for a touchdown. But, earlier in the game, Cutler yelled at Marshall for not going in motion, prompting the quarterback to call a timeout.

"A lot of people say, 'Yeah, he tapped you on the head.' No, Jay got in my ear a little bit too, and he got me going. I think Jay is learning how to communicate with different guys," Marshall said. "I'm a guy that he can do that with."

Marshall pointed to last season, when the Bears got off to a 7-3 start with Cutler playing at a high level.

"I think we all forget last year before he got hurt, I think he was playing the best at the position, and I think that's a fair statement. You look at what he was able to do, it was amazing watching him from another team, just a fan of the sport," Marshall sad. "Jay is a guy that can be one of the best that's ever done it and it's on us to be better around him. One of the things I want to be known as is I've got to make more plays. Given the opportunities, I've got to come down with the ball. So if I can do my part and the guys can do their part, I think we'll be able to move in the right direction.''

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