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Brandon Marshall hit "blackjack" last time he played Colts

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He was coy, at first.

Brandon Marshall was asked Wednesday to recall the last time he faced the Indianapolis Colts.

"We lost," Marshall said, referring to the Denver Broncos 28-16 loss in December 2010 in Indianapolis.

But, moments later, he added, "I mean, I hit blackjack, 21 catches. It was a record. That was pretty good. That was an exciting moment, actually."

The Bears would welcome another monumental effort from him against the Colts. Of course, he'll have the same quarterback, Jay Cutler. But, Cutler warned his receiver that he may face double-teams initially.

"I'm going into my seventh year, and every year, I see more and more coverage. The good thing about being here, we have Devin Hester, Alshon Jeffery, Earl Bennett. And we haven't even gotten to the backfield yet," Marshall said. "It'd be really hard for teams to really stop us with the guys we have the in the locker room. But, there's no coverage I haven't seen, so I'm prepared."

Other thoughts from Marshall:

* On Matt Forte: "He's probably the best all-around back in the league. He can do everything. He can stay on the field, on all three downs, so he's very talented."

* On being with the Bears: I'm excited. I'm excited about the opportunity. It doesn't get any better than this. We have a tough challenge ahead of us. And all I can do is play my role, to the best of my ability and take advantage of the opportunities and see what happens."

* On difference with Cutler now: "Same. Still football. Jay is definitely a better quarterback, as we would expect, from a few years ago. But, it's still the same game."

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Brandon Marshall is simply one of the leagues best receivers, the day Phil Emery signed him Chicago's offense instantly became a legit threat. Marshall will open a lot of things up for the Bears this year, this offense should be fun to watch.

The only question mark on offense will be left tackle J'Marcus Webb as he faces Dwight Freeney in the Colts new 3-4 scheme. Webb didn't fare to bad vs the Redskins Brian Orakpo who plays in a 3-4 a couple weeks back, nevertheless Webb needs to come to play sunday

I agree with Marshall on Matt Forte, he is the leagues best all-purpose back, hopefully Forte can come up big vs Indy, the running game didn't look to good during the preseason, although, it was only the preseason. I'm sure #22 will come to play, he always does GO BEARS!!


A correction to your article: "The Bears would welcome another monumental effort from him against the Colts. Of course, he'll have the same quarterback, Jay Cutler."

That implies that Cutler was Marshall's QB when he had the 21 catches --- but he wasn't. Kyle Orton was Denver's QB for that game. That was in the 2009 season, Cutler's first in Chicago.

He traded for Marshall he didn't sign him, Marshall was not a free agent. Orakpo got hurt and did not see the field for all but a couple of series and that's preseason. Garza was horrible in the preseason and so was Spencer, Carimi is still a question mark because he is coming back from a really bad injury and is not all the way back yet. He may be fine or he might have lingering issues. So I would have to say he is still a question mark, I hope he is fine and continues to improve, but that does not change the situation.

You need one of the tackles to play well so you can protect the other. You can;t protect both.

Oh one thing I would like to say off the Marshall topic.



If I have to hear, see, talk, or even smell any more baseball I was gonna puke. No more dandies skipping around the bases, playing ball in their sissy parks and tipping their sissy caps to the sissy crowd. Men wear helmets damn it! We compete on a field, we hit, we pound, we intercept. We do not skip around a diamond in the park while trying to trot home. Baseball is not only a sissy sport, it's a thieves sport. What kind of game teaches someone to steal? Steal a base, steal home? And for the love of god who on earth shags a fly? That's just sick. Not to mention it tells you a lot more about baseball players than I would like to know. Pitch and catch? That's prison talk, that's what that is. And what kind of game has one lone man named a batter trying to score against 9 opposing players and the cowerdly catcher squats behind the mans back ready to strike. Men do not squat, we stand, and we do not sneak behind our opponents like cowards. No we face out enemy head on, with equal numbered forces. We block, we tackle, we sack, we blitz and we pray Hail Mary. No surender no retreat. “Just hit, just run, just block and just tackle”.

Yeah it was Orton, hte longest pass of the day was 23 yards, 13 of which were Marshall.

And no I do not want an effort like that I want a Win. 21 catches is great but I want a victory that's all I really care about with the Bears. Denver scored 16 points that day and it was all Marshall. Orton could not figure out how to throw the ball to anyone else and was throwing dink and dunk passes all day. His last two passes to Marshall were for 7 yards combined.

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