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Bill Cowher: Bears' QB Jay Cutler has to 'change his ways'

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Bill Cowher.jpgFormer Pittsburgh Steelers coach and CBS analyst Bill Cowher said Jay Cutler is going to have to ''change his ways'' or the Bears will have to consider changing quarterbacks next season if the Bears don't make the playoffs.

Responding to host James Brown's assessment on ''The NFL Today'' on Sunday that Cutler ''displayed questionable demeanor as the leader of the team,'' Cowher said, ''I think it's a problem.

''The guy's got a strong arm. There is no question about that,'' Cowher continued. ''He's had some protection issues. I know there's been some questionable [play] calling. But they brought players in to help this guy win a championship, and he's going to [have to] prove to be more accountable -- not sensationalize every little mistake with his antics and body language.

''He's a good quarterback. But if he does not change his ways and this team does not go to the playoffs, they have to consider changing. He has to change.''

Hall of Fame quarterback Dan Marino, also an analyst on ''The NFL Today,'' echoed those sentiments.

''You have to lead by example,'' Marino said. ''He has a great arm, but it's nt just all about ... throwing a fastball. You've got to learn to play the position.''

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I think people Bill Cowher and Dan Marino
just MAYBE might know what they're talking about!

No more lame apologies for cutler's immature behavior.

Grow UP, ya PONK!!

I agree with Bill Cowher and Dan Marino, Jay Cutler does need to learn to be more professional, and calling out your team mate in public is not professional. If your gonna call a guy out, you need to look in the mirror when YOU mess up, 4 ints, but I guess its someones elses fault? I guess.

With that being said, lets not hit the panic button, like the Packers told their fans. Its only week 2, and if you were to look at the schedule last spring, the game in Green Bay is one you probably would have guessed as a loss for the Bears. The Bears were in the game, remember, it took a gadget play for the Pack to finally get on the board. Also, had Lance Briggs and Brandon Marshall held onto the ball better, this might have been a different game, just saying. The Bears are still in this, its early.

Speaking of the panic button, how about the New England Patriots falling to the Cardinals and..gulp, Kevin Kolb? And the Cowboys falling to the Seahawks and their rookie QB, I'd rather lose to a Packers team that was 15-1 a year ago with a super star QB than either the Cardinals or Seahawks, thats panic worthy GO BEARS!!

Future Bears coach? Hmm..

Cutler deserves to be protected. Get some blockers.

Cutler is rude. I am a BEARS fan but RODGERS is a humble guy. He has all the skillset as QB. I wish Cutler can be 10% like RODGERS.

Hated Josh McDaniels....but getting rid of Cutler was the ONLY thing he did right

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