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Bears workout linebacker Rennie Curran

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The Bears today are working out outside linebacker Rennie Curran, a third-round pick of the Tennessee Titans in 2010.

Curran, who played at Brookwood High School in Snellville, GA, starred at the University of Georgia. He was one of the top linebackers to come out of the 2010 NFL Draft, but he lasted just one season with the Titans.

In 2009, he was an All-SEC and All-American.

Curran has struggled to make an impact on an NFL roster. But, he clearly enough potential to forego the final year of his eligibility at Georgia.

It's not clear if the Bears are working out other linebackers. But, the Bears could just be checking out players for special teams purposes.

UPDATE: The Baltimore Sun reports that the Bears are also trying out Clifton Geathers, Spencer Adkins, and four other defenders, citing a league source.

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Why are the Bears not working out a Left Tackle? Webb is in over his head. Gonna mess up our season

They better work out a new QB too!!! A new coach wouldn't hurt either!

Oh please..... you want Peter Tom Willis back there? Or Kordell Stewart, Shane Matthews, Dave Kreig, Steve Walsh, Cade Mcnown, Chris Chandler?????? Cutler is by far the best quarterback we have had in 20+ years. Give him time to throw the damn ball.

The 'Burner' is driving 90+ while drunk, just hours after a game.. Yet the biggest (so called) news story of the day is Jay Cutler "bumping" a 320 pound (so called) lineman? Oh please.....

Ageee give cutler more the a split second to throw the damn ball and he makes plays happen! Give the guy a freakin break! Cutlers a beast any other QB hit that many times in a game would be a crying bitch knocked out for 10 weeks. O-line sucks period besides carimi. Jays our QB hands down!

The media should stop bumping Jay Cutler.

Jd Moore is not being a good team mate by critizing a team mate and did much more damage to the team than jay cutler bumping webb. Webb was not hurt, except for his feelings. I for one thinks he needed to be benched and when he was not cutler tookk things into his own hands. Thats what a leader does.
The bears previous leader punched his offensive tackle and actually damaged him. That was while on an activity not during a game when the player webb needed a strong message.
It appears the media is starved for something to raise ratings and an interesting topic to talk about more than the bump being a problem. Cutler should have been called for "Unnesseary roughness", but it was not rough enough to be called and it may have been necessary. The bumps Cutler got because of webbs ineptness are causing damage to the teams chances of wining. What is webbs consequence???
The fans are the losers here as a team with possibilities except for left tackle must endure a rushed quarterback. Teams choose to rush the quarterback because it causes majors problems. Even the bears who obtained Peppers and spent a #1 draft pick who can only rush and is not a complete DE.
If I could , I would ask Garza to bump webb. Maybe that would be good media story

Maybe Cutler was just giving Webb a visual aid on how to actually physically contacting someone you are trying to block...I mean he bumped Webb harder than Webb hit Matthews all night.

Its time to face the fact Cutler is not a true leader. Manning is a leader, Brady is a leader even the formerly beleaguered Alex Smith shows those intangibles Cutler does not show. Lovie and both administrations have failed to address the issues that would go a long way towards stability. At best Webb is a 330 lb turnstile at this point and shows no improvement is imminent. Cutler should be in audition for next season and if he fails to produce should not be resigned and those funds used for a real left tackle and a real center.

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