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Tillman hurt, Urlacher rests as Bears take 34-21 lead

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The Bears recovered from a disastrous start to take a 34-21 lead over the Indianapolis Colts in the fourth quarter on Sunday at Soldier Field.

Down 7-0 in the first four minutes, the Bears built a comfortable enough lead in the third quarter that linebacker Brian Urlacher, recovering from a knee injury, was taken out of the game after the Bears took a 31-14 lead on Matt Forte's 6-yard touchdown run. The Bears play the Green Bay Packers on Thursday night at Lambeau Field.

Cornerback Charles Tillman left the game in the first half with a leg injury and did not return.

Jay Cutler, who threw an interception that was returned three yards for a touchdown by Colts linebacker Jerrell Freeman just 3:37 seconds into the game, found his groove, leading three touchdown drives in the first half as the Bears took a 24-14 lead.

Cutler was 1-of-10 for 13 yards in the Bears' first four series. But he threw a three-yard touchdown pass to Brandon Marshall and completed 18-of-23 passes for 256 yards through three quarters.

Marshall had eight catches for 97 yards through three quarters.

After the Cutler interception, the Bears did not have a turnover and had four takeaways in building the 34-14 lead. Tim Jennings had a leaping interception of a deep pass by Colts rookie Andrew Luck in the first quarter. J.T. Thomas forced a fumble on a kickoff and Kelvin Hayden recovered.

Tim Jennings tipped a Luck pass for Reggie Wayne in the end zone and safety Chris Conte intercepted it and returned 35 yards. Corey Wootton forced Luck to fumble on a pass attempt and the ball was retrieved by Julius Peppers, who had his back on the ground but still managed to make the play.

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What more can you say about the Bears offense, everyone came to play today, even left tackle J'Marcus Webb and the offensive line. Left guard Chris Spencer was off early getting beat, but settled down to help the line have a pretty solid outting. As for Chicago's receivers, good as advertised, especially Brandon Marshall and Alshon Jeffery. Chicago can now hang with the best in a shoot out, see this thusdays matchup vs the Gree Bay Packers, can you say high scoring.

I liked what I seen from 3-tech Henry Melton and his 2 sacks, this guy came to play and may be the answer to who will replace Tommie Harris. Melton was in on a couple key stops as well as getting the 2 sacks. If Melton keeps up this type of play, he's on his way to a Pro Bowl. The players vote, and I seen Andrew Luck's post game interview, Melton left an impression on the first overall pick of 2012, Luck brough up Meltons name during the interview as one of the Bears key players on defense.

My player of the game was corner Tim Jennings, if he keeps his play up he could be up for come back player of the year. Wow did he play the ball today, thats how you want your corners to play a receiver once the ball is in the air. I realize Indy's receivers aren't the best, but Jennings has been playing the ball well since the start of camp, he's really coming on for the Bears. Bring on the Packers GO BEARS!!

Again with the Melton stuff Kevin. He played ok, but his best plays were in garbage time. And no credit to Peppers? Say what you want about numbers but Peppers was doubled and trippled all game and he crushed the pocket. He was destroying the colts line not Melton. Don't take it the wrong way I just get sick of people looking at certain stats and ignoring guys who do the heavy lifting so everyone else can benifit and then they get no credit.

I actually thought outside of Peppers there was not a ton of pressure overall. I know they had 3 sacks and that's great. But in terms of total pressure, early they looked good but late in the game they gave up a lot of yards passing. 45 drops is a lot. 3 Sacks and a handful of pressures mostly is not. Almost all the pressure was created by Peppers though. To snub him seems a bit off.

Jennings did have a very good game. had two picks and created a third. Conte got the pick but Jennings made the play and basically handed him the ball. Kind of like what Peppers does for Melton.

Anyone know who the number 3 DE is? Cause I am pretty sure it is Wootton and I am really wondering why they skipped on Chandler Jones for McClellin in the first. I am pretty sure 1st round draft picks are not suppose to be the 4th anything on a team even year one. I also want to know why they tried to lie and say McClellin was replacing Izzy to try and make it look like he got promoted, then don't play him for most of the Preseason, and then show that he is clearly behind Wootton on the depth chart? What next are they going to name him Captain of the defense so he can have a C on his chest while he cheers from the sideline.

All in all it was a great game, started rough and Jay really pulled it together after the first two series. Good job by Bates calming him down.

Oh and can we get a TE on this team, Tice loves them and the Bears don't have one. What the hell? They got an H back is a much better run blocker than Clutts, but his pass pro is pretty weak and he is not going to see much passing with Forte on this team. Davis can't block and he ran the wrong routs multiple times. Please stop trying to sell me this clown.

And a memo to Tice for the love of god you were calling a really good game and you had to mix in the Hester end around? What the hell?

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