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Bears re-sign Amobi Okoye and release Brian Price

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The Bears announced the re-signing of veteran defensive tackle Amobi Okoye and the release of defensive tackle Brian Price.

The Sun-Times first reported Okoye's signing.

Okoye has started 59 of 78 games played in five seasons with the Houston Texans and the Bears, recording 165 tackles, 15 sacks, six pass break ups, two forced fumbles and two fumble recoveries. Last season, he had 27 tackles, four sacks and two tackles for losses, appearing in all 16 games. He signed with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in the offseason, looking to play more than he did with the Bears, but he underwent a knee scope in June, and he apparently fell out of favor with new coach Greg Schiano.

Price was a second-round pick of the Bucs, but he was traded to the Bears for a seventh-round pick. Recovering from surgeries, Price was coming along well but wasn't able to nudge past Nate Collins and other defensive tackles on the roster.

The release of Price is somewhat surprising, since it appeared they were looking at him as a long-term project. There never was any indication that he was expected to help right away.

Price goes on waivers now. Any club that picks him up before Tuesday's deadline will also be responsible for the $510,000 that's guaranteed to him, as part of his rookie deal. If he goes unclaimed, the Bears will have to pay that money.

The Bears practice today.

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Chicago is a better team with Amobi Okoye vs Brian Price, Okoye is the better 3-tech, Price is more of a nose tackle. As far as long term wise at the nose, the Bears are sat there with youngster Stephen Paea. Price could have panned with time, but time is one thing the Bears don't have, Chicago needs to win now. And again, they have a better chance to win now with Okoye.

Okoye should be able to come in and play having been with the team last season and knows the scheme having experience last year. Another plus about Okoye is there should be no need for defensive end Israel Idonije to go inside. Before Henry Melton was the only pure 3-tech on the roster, Idonije would have to go inside to give the Bears another legit 3-tech, the Bears like to rotate their defensive linemen, now with Okoye back, thats no longer the case. In Lovie Smith's scheme I think its better to have two bodies able to man the under tackle position, now with Okoye and Melton they do, and Idonije should be able to concentrate on being a DE, his more natural position GO BEARS!!

If Okoye is so valuable in the Bears' scheme of things, why didn't they re-sign him in April? Wake up! Forget it, I forgot this is Kevin Armstead. Go away and take your pom poms with you.

Kevin they are not set at the nose because of Peae, no offense but he has yet to stay healthy or prove anything. I don't trust extreme power lifters, that much lifting and that much strength breaks down the a body to fast. Most football coaches want their players to avoid extreme levels of power lifting.

Either way his big bench has not helped him do anything in the nfl so far. As for the 3 tech, Melton is the most inconsistant starter on the team. Okoye is a decent backup but they had both last year and the defense was average for the most part. It's not all on them of course, you got Jennings who always gambles poorly, the Safeties are bad, NT is a weakness on this team not a strength, Peppers is excellent, and Izzy is a solid base end. I have not seen the Pass rushers the Bears keep claiming they have drafted and I have no clue how Urlacher will hold up. Even when healthy this is not an elite defense, between age, a weak secondary and a thin D-Line it proved what kind of defense it was last year. Probably a top 15 defense again but they are not in the 49ers, Ravens or Texans league, and the Giants turned their defense around last year, but I don't see how the Bears can turn their defense around when it's basically the same unit.

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