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Jay Cutler: Incident with J'Marcus Webb 'a dead issue'

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Jay Cutler.jpgBears quarterback Jay Cutler said the incident involving teammate J'Marcus Webb and the ensuing controversy in the aftermath of the Bears' loss to the Packers is already in the past.

''Everything's fine,'' Cutler said in his weekly press conference at Halas Hall. "It's a dead issue We're moving forward at this point."

After berating Webb and giving him a light shove as they walked off the field during the Packers game, Cutler was criticized not only locally but from national commentators such as former Steelers coach Bill Cowher and Hall of Fame quarterbacks Dan Marino and Troy Aikman. He chuckled when asked if the criticism cut any deeper coming from such respected football people.

''I don't know,'' he said after a pause. ''Everybody can have their opinion. I've just got to make sure that my guys that I play with on a daily basis are good with me."

On his radio show on WMVP-AM on Tuesday, Cutler put part of the blame on the media for overplaying the incident with Webb. Asked if he felt he was being unfairly criticized, Cutler said, ''I don't get involved in it. Criticism is going to come, win or lose. It's part of the game.''

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