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Bears have Wright guy at Wright place at Wright time

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Major Wright said being able to read Sam Bradford's eyes helped put him in position for a 45-yard interception return that gave the Bears a 20-6 lead with 9:06 to play. On a second-and-10 play from the Rams 39, Jennings deflected a Sam Bradford pass for Danny Amendola over the middle. Wright picked off the deflected ball and had an open route to the end zone.

''We were in Over-1,'' Wright said, ''[with] me coming down, and Sam Bradford, he's the kind of quarterback, [who] doesn't look one way and go back the other way. He was looking down his receiver the whole time.

''Tim had great coverage. He made a great play on the ball, tipped it and me being in the right place at the right time.''

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No moar like he is the Wrong player in the Wrong position in the Wrong sysytem. Wow he got a pick six wow so what? Anybody coulkd have done that with the ball tipped to them. It still doesnt fix the problem that Wright is a bust who is two slow to play free aafety and SUCKS at coverage. Oh and his is injury prone is nt that nice to now MArk? Youre hero Wright wil be on I R within three or games marek my words he's never finnish the saeson.

Major Wright has been playing some nice football for the Bears this year, but the player that has been coming on in the secondary is cornerback Tim Jennings. Jennings is playing at a Pro-Bowl level right now with his 4 picks through 3 games, but not only the picks, Jennings has been in on a lot of pass breakups and tackles. Jennings is coming into his own next to Pro-Bowler Charles Tillman. If free safety Chris Conte and strong safety Major Wright can stay healthy, along with Tillman, Jennings, and nickleback DJ Moore, a great player in his own right, this is gonna be a heck of a secondary GO BEARS!!

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