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Amobi Okoye: "Glad to be back as a Bear"

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After the Tampa Bay Buccaneers released him Friday morning, defensive tackle Amobi Okoye didn't wait to see how many teams would be interested in him.

He just wanted to return to the Bears.

"My agent gave me an option and said, 'Do you want to wait it out?' I said, 'No, I want to go back to Chicago,' " Okoye recalled.

Just then, as he finished his sentence, Bears Pro Bowl cornerback Charles Tillman did a special handshake with him and welcomed him back.

"It feels great," said Okoye, who will wear the same number (91) and put his stuff in the same locker. "It feels like I never left. Glad to be back as Bear, and I'm looking forward to a championship season."

Okoye was intrigued by the Bucs and the prospect of starting for a team featuring a lot of new players and a head coach, Greg Schiano.

Okoye was impressed by Schiano's pitch, and he signed a one-year deal with the Bucs. But, in June, Okoye needed a scope on his right knee, and he returned too fast.

"I went into camp a little too early. I should have taken a couple more weeks, to get through the last stage of recovery," he said. "So I didn't do that, and that' what caused the inflammation."

He appeared in the Bucs preseason opener, but Okoye missed the final three games.

That apparently frustrated Schiano.

"You can be a little cautious at times," Schiano said of Okoye, according to the Tampa Times Thursday night. "We've tried to do that. But at the end of the day, you've got to go out and earn a spot."

Recently, Schiano also said that the Bucs took a risk with Okoye because of his "history with that knee."

Those comments stung, Okoye said.

"It's too bad to hear the unfortunate things he's saying about my knee," Okoye said. "It's kind of unfair of him to say what he said to the media, painting a bad picture like my knee was always bad.

"It really makes me question the character of he himself, because, while I was there, he was trying to mold us to be kind of like him. It made me question all the things he was teaching me, as far as TBA -- Trust, Belief and Accountability -- his way of doing things," Okoye said. "It's like, 'Wow, what type of guy is this?' That really hurt."

After receiving an injury settlement, Okoye signed a one-year deal with the Bears.

"Fits like a glove, and being here last year, and knowing what I like to do, it's perfect," Okoye said.

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Glad to have him back, assuming the knee isn't an ongoing issue. But who did the Bears release to make room for him? I'm assuming one of the other DT's?

I can't help but wondering if being subjected to the dreaded and unnecessary 110 yard timed sprints, 16 consecutive times in the Florida heat might have been the cause for some inflammation. Eight players went down because of those torture tests, some cut, some traded, some just missed training camp. The whole team had to go through camp at half speed because of their "tired legs."

Brian Price's leg went pop and he went down in pain after just 4 sprints. He was a Chicago Bear before he was even carted off the field.

Leading TD receiver Dezmon Briscoe was cut immediately even though some teams would have offered a 4th or 5th round selection for him.

It appears Coach Schiano makes some decisions while in fits of rage. As a new unproven college coach who has never really won anywhere, anytime, he feels he has to prove how butch he is.

So, let me get this want this guy back but are too cheap to sign him back, you trade a 7th round pick for another fat, out-of-shape, always injured DT and then end up cutting the fat guy for the guy you could have had if you weren't so cheap to begin with! Now you are out a 7th round pick... hahahahahahahaha
Who's running this mess, little c ?

This is what I've been trying to communicate futilely for three days now. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Please come back. We desperately need some intelligence on this site.

Oh, and to answer your question, whoever is running the show is a scary question to contemplate. We still suck, don't we?

Okoye can go eat a turd nugget! Bucs gave him an oppertunity and he failed. Instead of pointing his finger "he said this, she said that" maybe focus on being a good ball player cause he is a bum at this point. I hope he fails again just because of his foul words of a man that gave him a shot when otherwise he would have been a free agent most likely.

Okoye will produce for the Bears. Why don't the two or so that think this guy sucks pull your head out and smell the roses.

Amobi is pleased, the Kevins are pleased, the Anonymous are pleased, and those Dahlis whose vistas stretch beyond our visas, are pleased. All praise to Emery!

From Shangri-la to the toilet in one day, eh Dolly? Where have you been all this time? We hardly knew you were PG-13. Thanks for coming out like that. By the way, I hope you realize that you will now have to forfeit your blog name. It doesn't fit you. Try something like THE DIRTY WORD.

What? He was a Free Agent, that's how the Bucs signed him. They out bid the Bears, that's what happened. Am I the only one who actually reads? He would have been a free agent. He was a free agent, that's how they were able to offer him a contract, hello. The signed him to be a backup, go look at some of the other DT backups around the league. Then complain.

"Oh no I can't believe they brought this guy back, boo hoo, boo hoo!" Idiots talking about 4 sacks. Then I bet they tell me how great Suh is. Suh who had 4 sacks. As a part time player he ranked 12th is sacks among all DT's. His 21 QB hurries was 9th among all DT's, he is a solid backup, a bargin, and people are complaining. For the love of god quit playing fantasy football. This is the real nfl you just can't point at All pro players and say I want them and then they magically appear on your team.

Who else did you want please tell me the great move you would have made to get all the super star players who would play here for the league min. And spear me the Tillman for Darelle Revis, or trading an injured Urlacher for JPP.

All this craziness over a low cost friggin rotation player. Who cares he is not going ot make or break this team.

The Bears got a decent tackle for very little and Okoye will have something to prove to the league because of the Schiano's diss. How fortunate for the Bears, Creighton got it right about the league and backup quality around the NFL. Amobi Okoye could probably start for a few teams in the league.

Your tires need air.

Why do you say Schiano "dissed" Amobi? Maybe it was the other way around and Amobi dissed Schiano. There have been rumblings from some of the malcontents about Schiano's marine- like methods. Maybe Amobi saw this as an opportunity to join them and sit on his fat ass recovering his knee for a while longer? Do you have something against Schiano? Are you impartial? Something's going on here, but I can't quite put my finger on it. Your future blogs might contain insights, I hope.

Who asked you? The reply was to Dolly.

Dude would chill, your freakin about a DT, your upset about this. What's going on with you? Oh and despite popular belief Sean actually runs the blog, it's his. So he can pretty much say what he wants, just like we can. It's a blog that's what you do. Anyway relax, you got a Bears game this week and everything. Mountains out of mole hills man, mountains out of moll hills.

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